Having a home that is safe, secure, and protected at all times is a top priority for most homeowners. Whether you spend most of your time at home relaxing or if you find yourself traveling for work and leisure, ensuring the protection of your home is a must. With more than 2 million burglaries in the US each year alone, it is no wonder that millions of Americans find themselves seeking additional security solutions. If you are in the market for a home security system and you are considering your options, comparing your choices is essential before settling on any decision that is ideal for both you and your family.


Homeowners without a burglar alarm or home security system in place are 300% more likely to become targets of potential criminals, according to the FBI.

Determine Your Household Needs

Before investing in a home security system, consider the type of setup you require for your home and any budget you have set in place. Are you looking to select individual cameras and equipment such as motion detectors and window sensors, or do you prefer an all-in-one system with a quick and easy installation process? Do you prefer flexibility with plans and equipment? Consider these factors before you begin comparing home security providers that are ideal for your needs.

Research Home Security Systems and Products That are Right for Your Home

Research home security systems along with specific products you are interested in to learn more about functionality, features, and compatibility with any setup you desire. When searching for a home security provider, compare installation and equipment fees to determine which option is right for you. When you have a budget in place, it is also important to learn more about monthly service fees as these can range anywhere from $30 each month to more than $200 even with the top providers and services available on the market.

Monitored VS. DIY Home Security Solutions

Installing your own home security system with a DIY solution is a way to cut costs while implementing a solution that is truly your own. However, when you choose a DIY solution, you are solely responsible for monitoring your system and reporting any crimes that have been attempted or committed on your property, without the assistance of professional representatives and backup. With a monitored home security system, feel at ease knowing that your family and home are protected even when you are traveling or on-the-go for work.


Choosing a monitored home security solution with 24/7 monitoring provides an array of benefits such as:

  • Constant monitoring and immediate updates and alerts regarding your system within seconds of an alarm being triggered
  • Automatic communication with proper authorities such as firefighters and police officers
  • Know when your system requires repair or updates in order to keep your home safe and protect at all times

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