There are several offerings out there for home security systems with no monthly fees. What’s the catch? It turns out that these systems are missing one important thing: remote monitoring. Without remote monitoring, there is a much lower chance of catching a thief or other troublemaker in the act. While this doesn’t make such systems completely useless, it does lower their value when compared to monitored systems.

Common Traits of Fee-Free Security Systems

  • They don’t include any monitoring
  • Homeowners must install them on their own
  • Many thieves won’t know if the system has monitoring or not

The Importance of Monitoring

Monitored home security systems report back to a central location whenever something seems to be amiss. Then, if the monitoring company sees that there is actually a problem, it can respond by calling the police, fire department, or EMS. This not only guarantees a faster response to emergencies, it helps to prevent false alarms. In some areas, false alarms result in fines from the municipality.

Some thieves are well aware that their chances of getting caught by the police increase when systems are monitored. Before the days of wireless systems, they used to cut systems’ phone lines to try to stop monitors from detecting them. Now, however, wireless systems have put a stop to that trick.

DIY Installation

The experience of installing your own home alarm system can be trouble-free and fairly easy, but this is not always the case. It all depends on the instructions the company provides, the type of equipment involved, and where you need to install it.

Many companies that offer no-fee systems also skimp on other factors. These factors can include instructions, the number of fasteners or units provided, and other essentials.

Here at Protect America, we make sure to give excellent instructions and provide all of the necessary equipment. You don’t have to worry about being left stranded with us.

Not All Thieves Are Aware of Whether Your System is Monitored or Not

Thieves that know the difference between a  monitored and  unmonitored system would prefer to attack an unmonitored location. That said, many of them are not aware of whether a system has monitoring or not. This can make it seem like a good idea to go ahead and get the unmonitored system. In reality, however, this is not the case. Your best bet is to get a monitored system that comes with signs that warn that it is indeed under a company’s watchful eye at all times. Then, thieves don’t have to have studied which brands of alarm systems do which things to know that your house is a riskier target than others. Your signs will warn them off. This increases the deterrent value of your monitored system.

The Best Way to Save Money and Still Have Monitoring

The best way to save money without giving up monitoring of your home security system is to choose one that has both reasonable monitoring fees and gives you a chance to reduce the costs associated with installation. Here at Protect America, we let you install your own system and this saves you from having to pay installation fees. Don’t worry – we won’t leave you baffled with a bunch of hard-to-understand hardware or a lack of instructional materials. Our systems come with clear instructions, all of the equipment you need to set everything up, and access to live help. This makes it easy for you to get everything up and running. Then, we charge low ongoing fees for the monitoring service that allows for the fast response you need.


If you’re ready to get a quote for monitored home security, there’s no need to wait. Just contact us here at Protect America, and we’ll be glad to talk to you about your needs.