One of the biggest debates homeowners face when purchasing a home security system is whether a little extra piece of mind is worth the monthly monitoring fee.  Unfortunately, this is a question each individual homeowner will have to answer for him or herself.


Before you dive in and make that decision there are three things you need to know about home security systems without monitoring – and what they might mean for you and your family.

Unmonitored Home Security Systems May Provide False Sense of Security

Most people make the decision to buy a home security system in search of peace of mind. It is comforting to know there is that added layer of protection and security for their homes whether they are there or not.

While it is true, according to a 2009 Rutgers University study, that 60 percent of thieves report being cautious over the presence of surveillance security systems, it only serves as a deterrent – sufficient enough to have them choose another target – for about 40 percent of burglars. That means that 60 percent of intended burglaries are likely to take place despite the presence of a security and surveillance system.

This gives homeowners a false sense of security that they are adequately protected when the truth is that there are still many criminals who will proceed cautiously, when confronted with surveillance and home security equipment, but proceed nonetheless.

Security Cameras Alone are Not Enough

Many people choose to skip professional monitoring and opt for things like security cameras coupled with loud alarms in hopes that neighbors will call the cops and security cameras will record the perpetrators.

There are plenty of problems that might come up with self monitored systems. For instance:

  • False alarms can cost you big.
  • Security cameras rely on Wi-Fi connections, for the most part, to operate. This means all thieves need to do is cut power to your home.
  • Not all cameras are created equal. In fact, there are some key features you’ll want to look for, such as motion sensitivity adjustments (so pets don’t trigger false alarms), cloud storage, and night vision features to record thieves in the dark.
  • Consider outdoor cameras as well as indoor cameras for optimal coverage angles.

For the most part, a security camera will only capture images – and perhaps some sound. This can aid in the capture of the thieves and their prosecution but will do little to deter them or prevent the thefts from taking place.

Lack the Security Benefits of Full Home Security Systems

Without monitoring, you may never know if your home is having a heat-related emergency, fire alarm, smoke detector alarm, or carbon monoxide alarm. Each one of these serves important purposes in securing your home and protecting the people you love most in the world. It should not be overlooked at the price of saving a few dollars each month – less than you would spend in that same month on coffee.

Benefits of Monitored Home Security Systems

Once again, peace of mind is the primary benefit of a home security system, that benefit increases exponentially when you add professional monitoring to the system. Economical advises that installing a home security system can help you save money elsewhere as well, stating:

“Did you know that installing a security system in your home could qualify you for a discount on home insurance? If you’re thinking of installing a new home security system, reach out to your licensed broker to find out how much you could save.”


While you’re reaching out, be sure to reach out to Protect America for a free quote and to learn how affordable our monitored home security systems and services are. We have the right plan, at the right price, to help you protect what matters most to you.