Think back 20 years. In the grand scheme of things, it wasn’t that long ago. However, if you examine the history of home security systems, it’s a mere blip in time. If you don’t have one now, you’re actually behind the curve.

Home Security Systems and the American Home

Once upon a time, homes with alarm systems were not only luxurious, they were painstakingly hardwired. Perhaps that’s the reason buying a home defense system felt like such an investment. Imagine a stranger coming into your home and spending hours drilling holes through walls and running countless wires through the skeleton of your house. Then, imagine paying this person hundreds of dollars. Communication was slow. Equipment was ancient in technology by today’s standards. Plus, these products were largely left untouched by a public who might not have fully understood them.


Home Security Systems

Old home security systems like these were cutting-edge 20 years ago


At the time, this digital technology was relatively new and used by the wealthy to protect their estates. It was considered somewhat novel and only for those who could truly afford it. But what has changed since then?

Why are more homeowners choosing home security systems?

The answer lies in accessibility and technology. Home security systems are no longer a luxury. They are no longer a huge monetary investment. Rather – they’re an investment in  oneself and one’s home.

The accessibility factor comes from the gradual evolution of the security industry. Tried and true experience, along with a large number of competitors entering the security business, has many companies driving their costs lower and lower. This, thankfully, gives consumers more choices and better prices than ever imagined. Home security systems might be great tools, but it’s of no use if only a small population have access. In a way, the security business has been shaped and polished as a reflection of consumers and homeowners themselves.

The technology factor is a sign of the times. The emergence of wireless technology; how easy it is to use and how affordably it can be produced – create the perfect storm to make home security more available and easier to use. Let’s face it – no one wants to use a product that’s overly-complicated and not user friendly. Plenty of daily tasks and obstacles have been soundly conquered by lighting fast and simple wireless technology. People aren’t even hitting the “arm” button on their home security systems anymore. They’re just pressing a button on their phone as they pull out of the driveway. The low cost and ease of use that these features provide are extremely attractive to homeowners that want to protect what they’ve worked hard to build.

The advancement of technology – from tablets to home security systems

It’s a brave new world. A huge number of homeowners are arming their homes with wireless technology, proving that home security is not a luxury. It’s totally attainable because of an extremely competitive security market, the advancement of wireless technology and citizens’ wish to protect themselves. In a country where a burglary takes place every 15 seconds, this is a fortuitous development, indeed.

By Tim Krebs
(Cover photo by “Images_of_Money”, Flickr Creative Commons)