As a Veteran, you have done a great service, not only to this nation but to every American citizen. Protect America would like to graciously thank you for your service by creating the best security system possible to fit your specific needs. With so many competitors, you may have a hard time choosing what company is best for you. At Protect America we understand our customers; that’s why we offer quality home security at an affordable price.



Protect America has been in business for 25 years so we know the home security industry. We also know how to innovate and keep up with the ever-changing technology of today. We offers wireless home security systems made by GE. All of our systems are self installed and are easy as peel and stick. There’s no need to wait for a technician, you can set up the system in under 30 minutes with one of our experts guiding you over the phone ever step of the way.

Personalized Options

Add sensors to all of your doors and windows. Place pet-friendly motion detectors around your home strategically to catch a burglar if they happen to get inside. Also, add glass break sensors to alert the police if a burglar decided to break in through a window or sliding glass door.

Protect America offers a wide variety of home security sensors ranging from medical panic devices to flood sensors and even carbon monoxide sensors.


Fire and smoke detectors are also popular among homeowners and renters. Did you know that fires often result in total loss of your home and valuables if they go undetected. Our monitored smoke detectors offer protection 24/7 and protect your home even you least expect it.

You spent enough time protecting all of us. Now its time to let Protect America, protect you. Contact Protect America today for a obligation-free quote.