When people discuss the value of a home security system they routinely speak in relation to real estate or business. However, the home security system discussion is obviously relevant to renters as well. Whether the renter is in a spacious condo or renting a home that they do not own, home security is still applicable. Today’s discussion is going to center around some of the home security trends that home renters will face throughout 2018. Our discussion will look at new technology, improved older technology, and some of the companies that are going to be making a difference in the field throughout the year.


Home Security Trends of 2018 – A Renters Perspective.

Alright, before going deep into the different trends that are showcasing themselves for rental security in 2018, let us first take a step back and analyze why it is important for renters to look into security systems at all. To begin with, burglary and other property crimes are so prevailing throughout the country that the very statistics related to the epidemic would leave you breathless. Listed below is a key statistic that is often cited before people hunt for home security of their own.

Did you know that there are over 2 million home burglaries each and every year in the United States? The majority of these burglaries are break-ins to a residential property, rented or otherwise.

It is pretty easy to see that there are very real reasons to consider adding home security to a property, rental or otherwise. More specifically, it seems altogether reasonable to make that consideration. Once that’s decided, however, there is still some more work to do. For renters, there are going to be some key trends to hone in on in order to maximize their next purchase. Let’s break down some of those key trends below.

  • Taking advantage of smart technology. One of the biggest changes in the world of home security is the development of smart technology. Smart technology is likely to be the biggest trendsetter for renters seeking to add home security to their rental property. Smart technology can manifest itself in a variety of different ways from smart security cameras like the Wyze Cam 2 to manually controlled locking mechanisms by way of a smartphone.
  • Embracing new networking options. Outside of the technology itself, there are going to be serious improvements on the actual networking that renters can take advantage of. Renters in a high-volume area, such as an apartment building, can look to take advantage of Z-Wave home security. Z-Wave home security is great for apartment or condo buildings because it operates on a rarer, less heavily trafficked frequency.
  • Minimizing security needs. We’ve already highlighted how smart technology is changing the home security field, but minimization is also having an impact in 2018. Minimization of home security will be a trend to watch as fewer and fewer devices are needed to accomplish the same task.

Choosing a Security System For A Rental Property.

Now that there has been some discussion on the coming trends of home security for renters, we can start to look at the systems that can actually do the job. In order to pick a  system, a renter is going to have to answer some key questions about their situation before coming to a conclusive choice. Let’s take a close look at a few of these important questions.

  • How big is the property I’m working with?
  • What kind of network is available? 3G? WiFi? Bluetooth? Z-Wave?
  • Do I have permission to affix security devices in the places that I need to?

These questions are a great starting point for renters to jump into the shopping fray. From here, a home security system can be individually chosen to fit the needs of the renter.


Equipping Your Rental With Protect America.

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