Hosting a party in your home is both exciting and stressful. You may be eager to show off your cooking skills with the delicate appetizers you made, but you’re also concerned that someone could accidentally smash your new vase. You may also worry about a guest taking something that isn’t theirs. If you’ve told the party-goers they can bring someone along, it’s important to amp up your home security for the event.

Notify Police and Neighbors

Some police departments allow residents to register house parties ahead of time. This lets them know there will be noise coming from your home, and it will give police the opportunity to help you out. For example, some departments may give you wristbands for identifying guests. Notifying police is just a good courteously call. While you’re at it, you may want to give the neighbors a heads up. Provide them with your contact information so that they can complain to you rather than the police if the noise is too loud.

Send Secure Invitations

While social media is an easy and paperless way to invite friends to your party, it may allow the number of people attending to get out of hand quickly. Guests may start inviting other people, who then invite their friends, until you have so many attendees that things get out of control. Furthermore, creating an event on social media could put your personal information at risk. Send paper or secure email invitations and ask that your guests RSVP with their attendance status. Also include a line about whether they can bring another person and, if so, how many other people they can invite.

Select a Room For Storage

Hosting in winter means that guests will come to the party bearing coats, hats and scarves they won’t want to carry around. Choose a room for the storage of these personal items. Take the coats from your guests as they come in and place them in the room, which you will lock behind you. Be sure you are the only person that has access to the room. You can organize the storage to be like a coat check by giving guests a number that corresponds to a marker you leave with the jacket or purse.

If you provide a locked storage space, there is less of a chance someone will accidentally pick up a purse that isn’t theirs or grab the wrong coat. There is also no way that a stranger can take something valuable.

Monitor the Party

Because guests may be coming and going at different times throughout the night, arming your home security system might not be the best idea. However, you should still make the most of your devices by keeping an eye on a video feed. The rooms that will have the most traffic during the party should have a camera. Log onto your SMART Connect app to watch a live feed of the living room from your smartphone while you’re in the kitchen, or vice versa. Furthermore, the app will allow you to return later and view archived footage. Should anyone’s belongings disappear throughout the night, you will have a way to go back and see what happened.

Lock Your Valuables

Even if you’ve only invited trusted friends and family, you should still take care to protect your valuables. Place those items – jewelry, cash, etc. – in a locked box, which you’ll keep out of the main traffic areas of your party. Your bedroom is an OK spot, unless that’s the room you’ve designated as the coat check. Put a motion sensor by the door in case someone attempts to enter. If the sensor detects motion, it will set off your home security alarm or send a message to you on your smartphone.

Check Smoke Detectors

Because there are so many things for you to worry about while hosting a party, it’s easy to forget about the appetizer in the oven or miss the guest smoking inside. Protect your home from accidental fires caused during a party by checking the batteries on your smoke detector. The alarm will alert you and your guests in time for you to get everyone outside in the event of a fire. Plan an exit route before the guests arrive so that you’re prepared in case something happens.