When it comes to home security and choosing the right provider, it is important to research your options and make a decision based on the information you find. Look around on the internet, call the company, and ask your neighbor how they like their service from their security provider. From the equipment, price, to the way you are treated as a customer; one must take all of this into consideration while selecting a home security provider.

Protect America has been protect families and homes for over 20 years and has been ranked a Top Ten Security Company by residential subscribers.

Installing Home Security

Home security equipment can come in all shapes or sizes. From the actual monitor itself, to the sensors, smoke detectors, etc. Some are wireless and some equipment is wired. First you want to make sure you are fine with installing the system yourself or will a tech do it. At Protect America we offer self-install systems that are very easy to install, which requires no wiring, therefore you save a lot of time and money by not having to have a technician come in your home. Protect America offers free assistance installing your home security over the phone with an experienced technician.

Operating Home Security

When operating your home security system you want to make sure the everyday use of the alarm system is easy to use. Having a user friendly security system can make all the difference. Arming and disarming your system daily can either be routine or a hassle. Protect America offers a Simon XT security system that comes with a display screen and lit up keypad for easy visibility. The buttons on the keypad are not too small and make it easy for one to type in their code.

Home Security Contracts

When signing up for home security with any company, they typically make you sign an agreement that requires you to be with the company for at least 36 months. You may wonder why, or may have experienced this before. Basically, any home security company will do this because they initially have to fund out of pocket for you to be monitored by the actual monitoring stations. These monitoring stations create accounts with the security providers to monitor your accounts through an agreement. So before signing any contract with any security provider, make sure you ask how long the agreement is. At times different companies may have other options if you decide to terminate your contract before or decide one day that you simply don’t want to have a security system to protect your family. Protect America offers to monitor your system even if you move. Just make sure and ask for a free re-location kit when you move for free! If you have any questions about security contracts, or at Protect America, please call our service department at 1.800.951.5111 option 4*.

Protect America Home Security

  • Affordable Pricing.
  • Free Assistance Installing Home Security.
  • Easy to use home security.
  • Reliable Monitoring.

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