Home security should be simple. At Protect America we are always thinking of new and better ways for the home security process to be easier for our customers when it comes to installation. The are many parts to the home security process such as purchasing, installing, and testing.

Purchasing Home Security

To purchase home security you can call into Protect America’s sales center, and our security experts will help identify what type of coverage your home will need. Making sure your home is properly covered with all the sensors you need is important. From door sensors, window sensors, and even cameras; Protect America’s home security experts will make sure your home is covered according to your needs. A lot of times we can help figure out if you have areas in your home that are more at risk than others. Also, depending on where your live, you can get environmental sensors that will help from weather risks.

Installing Home Security

When it comes to installing, Protect America will connect you with one of our knowledgeable technicians. Out techs are seasoned and well trained. They are experts in what they do and have been trained. Our systems are made for self-installation. This is a perfect process for the DIY type of person. This will allow you to install your system and get to know how each item works. Also it saves costs for you then, and in the future from paying high tech fees. The system is as easy to set up just as it is to take down. If you ever move you can easily take the system with you. Protect America offers a free moving kit and monitors home security all over the nation.

Testing Home Security

Your home security system should be tested at least once a month. The testing makes sure that your system is properly functioning and that there are no flaws. This part of the process is like routine maintenance for your vehicle. You have to make sure it is working and get its oil change when its due. Testing your alarm system also lets you know the way it works.

Remember home security is fairly simple once you learn the process. At Protect America we try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to get familiar with our systems. For more information on how to get a home security system, fill out the form on the right and a home security expert will contact you today.