In 2010, the total property loss in the US was reported to be more than $15.7 billion. By 2016, more than 7.9 million property crimes were officially reported to the FBI.

While property crime and burglaries are not rampant throughout all areas of the US, they can happen and do happen just about anywhere. Protecting your family with a home security system you can trust is essential to avoid putting your loved ones and your belongings at risk at any time. When you are searching for the right type of security system for your warehouse or place of business, there are a few options to keep in mind before settling on a decision that is optimal for your future. Whether you have one warehouse or if you are looking to expand your current venture, understanding all of the options you have available when securing your warehouse is imperative to protect yourself moving forward in any market or industry.


DIY Home Security System

One way to add a layer of security and protection to your warehouse is to do so on your own with a DIY (do it yourself) method. When you want to build your own security system, it is necessary to learn about various types of CCTV cameras, motion detectors, and other standard home security equipment that is necessary for total and complete protection. When you choose to opt for a DIY home security system, you are also responsible for monitoring and keeping track of potential incidents or alerts you receive without professional backup, security, and support from traditional security companies and providers.

CCTV Cameras

Research CCTV cameras that work best in warehouse environments to learn more about your options when you begin comparing providers and other security equipment you are interested in using. Determine whether you prefer CCTV cameras that are set manually or if you wish to implement motion detection with the CCTV cameras you utilize.

Home Automation Integration

If you are interested in home automation for your warehouse, it is important to research and compare your options before making a committed and informed decision. Home automation integration is ideal for both residential and commercial properties especially if you have an interest in:

  • 24/7 Monitoring with the use of your smartphone or nearby computer
  • The ability to receive immediate alerts and video recordings from set locations and areas in your home or warehouse
  • The ability to manage lighting and control thermostats
  • The ability to keep track of locking and unlocking doors, windows, and other access points in your warehouse from any location

Motion, Window, and Door Sensors

Protecting a warehouse is not often as simple as installing a traditional security camera in a few locations. Utilizing motion, window, and door sensors are highly advisable when you want to maximize the protection and security of any location, regardless of its size. When you have motion, door, and window sensors in place, immediately receive alerts and updates when they are active and live with the use of home automation. Understanding the advantages of combining sensors with an automated system is a way for you to make the most out of any security setup you have in place.

Protect America

For a security option that is reliable, affordable, and even suitable for warehouses and large properties, consider Protect America. Protect America allows individuals the chance to build their own individualized home or commercial property security system. Choose the type of security equipment that works best for you while also installing the equipment on your own in one hour or less (helping to avoid potentially costly installation fees from other security companies on the market). Learn more about individual equipment and the solutions that are best for your warehouse depending on your budget and its size. Protect America will work with you individually to guarantee your warehouse is protected and secured, regardless of your monitoring and equipment needs.


Are you interested in creating your own security system that is specifically designed for your warehouse in mind? Do you want to choose your own equipment while installing your own security system? Contact Protect America for more information regarding security equipment and plans we have available that are just right for you today!