Moving can be incredibly stressful. Between arranging a new house and renting a truck, people have a lot to consider and home security is often low on the list. When moving to a new place, it’s important to think about a variety of security concerns, like maintaining a watchful eye over positions while transporting or finding a suitable home security solution for the new residence.

Protect America Relocation Kits for Customers

Protect America customers that relocate already have a moving kit. This was include in the initial home security packaging and allows for easy transportation of the Simon XT wireless home security platform. Without assistance, customers can uninstall their wireless home alarm systems for use at another location. If issues arise, trained technicians from Protect America are waiting to provide the appropriate assistance.

Locating Weak Points in a New Home

When moving to a new home, it’s important to locate areas of weak security. These are going to common issues, like blind spots that result from overgrown foliage to areas of darkness on your lawn. Other areas of concern might be easily accessible windows, like those near large, easily climbable trees.

Strangely, homeowners also need to consider the consequences associated with some common forms of home security. Window bars, for example, can cause issues for firefighters that attempt to gain access to during an emergency. Security film, a product that is readily available in many retail stores, makes it difficult for burglars to shatter windows for entry. However, this also makes it breaking those windows a lot less noisy rather than alerting homeowners to the sound of breaking glass.

Protect America Security Solutions

A wireless home security system from Protect America is an affordable option for securing your new home. Simply order one of Protect America’s award winning monitoring solutions and a Simon XT wireless security system will be sent to your home for FREE. Protect America doesn’t charge the same activation or installation fees commonly required with other security companies.