When a rental agreement is signed, usually the tenant is very excited to move into their new home or apartment. Living in a new area is an exciting endeavor, however, being the new person in town also comes with the uncertainty about surroundings. Security is definitely an issue in an unfamiliar location, and will continue to be important even after making acquaintances with those in the immediate area.

It has been made know by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that roughly 2.1 million break-ins were reported in 2012.

That is an awful lot of people who needed to deal with the loss of personal possessions. Protection is key in keeping break-ins at bay. Here are a few tips to consider to ramp up security efforts when renting a home.


Check Out The Area Before Moving In

It is important to do research to find out exactly what the crime rate in the area holds before moving in. This will allow for the tenant to keep a watchful eye for foul play in addition to making the effort to increase security of their home. Knowing if robbery and other crime is prevalent in the area will help encourage the tenant to increase safety measures as well. The following resources can be helpful in finding out crime information:

  • Local law enforcement documentation
  • Court records
  • Newspaper police blotter information
  • Neighborhood watch groups
  • Friends or neighbors in the area
  • Scoping out the neighborhood at different hours of the day and night

Consider Calling Professionals To Install Security Assistance

When renting, the tenant has the option available in paying for their own security system hookup.  In the past, security systems were only available for homeowners. In recent days, many security companies have expanded their services to include renters in their customer base. Inquiring about this feature will be necessary before scheduling an appointment for hook-up. Many renters will have a security service do an evaluation of their home or apartment to get recommendations regarding the increase of protection. In addition to a home monitoring system, surveillance cameras or wireless monitoring applications can be used to keep tabs of the home at all hours. Presenting a sign on the front of the home to alert potential thieves there is protection in place will make it less likely a break-in will occur as well.


Get Locks Changed And Check Lighting For Inadequacies

One important step when renting a new home is changing the locks so prior inhabitants are not able to get inside. Many landlords will handle this step before a new tenant moves in, however it is certainly understandable for a new lock system to be installed for increased security if desired. Make sure the landlord has a copy of the key if this is required via a rental agreement. Windows should also be equipped with locking mechanisms. Doing an evaluation of the lighting around the exterior of the home will also keep robbery from occurring. If lighting does not seem strong enough, bulbs can be swapped with those with a higher wattage. Flood lighting or solar powered walkway lamps are also beneficial additions to help illuminate pathways and entryways to make them less desirable to potential thieves.

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