Home security is a broad field that encompasses a wide variety of subject matter. When customers look for home security wireless, they are generally referring to wireless home alarm systems, like the Simon XT offered by Protect America. Anyone looking to improve their home security should consider a wireless system due to lower cost and a simplified installation process.

Benefits of Wireless Home Security

Home security systems are incredibly useful for the protection of a residence. A home with a security system, wireless or otherwise, is three times less likely to be robbed. Though hardwired alarm systems are the most widely available option, the benefits to wireless home security are substantial. Customers that choose a wireless alarm system will save installation and activation fees. Wireless alarm units are designed to be self-installed by customers, which increases saving further by eliminating the need for professional installation.

Home Security Wireless Companies

If you’re looking for a wireless home security provider, the most well-known option is Protect America. The leader in wireless alarm systems, Protect America has been one of the most respected security companies in the country since 1992. In addition to being a leader of wireless home security, Protect America is also offers the best deal in the industry. Simply order one of the company’s monitoring solutions and a Simon XT wireless home security system will be sent to your home for no cost.

Home Security Wireless Reviews

Third party customer review sites are a common source of information for potential home security customers. Though every company has their fair share of bad reviews (happy customers rarely complain on third party sites), Protect America has maintained a stellar reputation for 20 years. The company has been named the number one home security company in the nation for the past 5 years by TopConsumerReviews.com. Protect America’s own website contains thousands of testimonials from customers that love their home security. In fact, the average Protect America customer maintains their service with the company for over nine years.