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Every home owner wants to feel safe in their own home. Most home security system companies have contracts attached to them. But what if the home owner does not want to sign a contract? Well, that is an understandable sentiment, but there are some distinct advantages to signing a contract in the home security industry. The main problem with home security is even if you have most of the equipment you need, it might still leave you home vulnerable to break-ins.


Not every criminal breaking into homes is going to be incompetent. On top of that, 95% of all break-ins involve some type of forced entry. So even if you have sensors on all of your doors and windows, what happens if they simply smash the window?

Is Your Home Protected?

If you’re going to properly protect your home, you’re going to need a complete set of equipment. With a contract you can get all of that equipment up front without having to pay a crazy amount of money all at once.  On top of that you’re going to end up paying the same amount for professional monitoring anyways. If you are serious about protecting your home, the best option is to get on board with all the major security companies and do it right.

Security Equipment and Setup

If you really don’t want a contract and you plan on building your own home security, it’s probably a good idea to plan out your home security. You’re going to need a central control panel that connects to some door and window sensors at the very least. You will probably want your control panel to also connect with smoke and CO detectors as well. The list gets pretty long really fast if you’re planning on securing all of the entry ways of your home. That’s why Protect America offers up to $1400 in free equipment when you sign up for their service. After that you’re essentially just paying for professional monitoring for peace of mind while you’re equipment pays itself off over time.

Most people want security cameras around their home as well. That way if someone steals something from their front porch they can get their property back, plus you can keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your house. Adding cameras is not exactly a cookie cutter technology yet. Most of the time if you have your camera feed streaming over your network you can experience network lag. This is another reason you might want to get a professionally installed setup.

Monitored Security

As I mentioned earlier, you’re going to need to have your sensors monitored if you want to be fully secured. You can’t simply rely on your equipment alone, because in most places false alarms are going to cost you money. Also, trying to monitor your security yourself is just plain impossible. There’s no way to be completely vigilant at all times. Plus, one of the biggest reasons to get security in the first place is so you can have peace of mind.

Fully Protected With Protect America

Imagine that you spent a fortune setting up your home with security; you even added several cameras and sensors for every door and window. Then while you’re away at work, someone sneaks past your cameras and breaks a side window behind a bush. No alarm goes off because your sensors are set to detect a window opening. Maybe you even have alerts set up that tie to your indoor hallway motion sensors. Well, what happens if you’re in a meeting and have your phone on silent while someone’s inside your house trying to crack your safe open?


There’s a lot of cool security equipment out there, but you need to make sure it all works together seamlessly. For that your best bet is to get a quote online with Protect America and see what kind of equipment is recommended for your home. Also, you can talk or chat online with a security expert and ask questions. That way you get a great idea of what you’re going to need to get yourself protected.