Protect America offers home security packages designed just for you. Currently you can obtain 2 free keychains with your purchase of a home security package! Our home security deals can be different at times but we often provide a good deal as far as equipment, and what exactly it entails.

Other Benefits

All of our home security systems come with complimentary Lifetime Warranty. This warranty covers all your equipment in the event of malfunction or breaking. As long as you test your system once a month, you should have no problem replacing any of your equipment as long as you’re a Protect America customer.

The two free keychains that come in this month’s package are the perfect for anyone that loves convenience. Being able to disarm your system when you have a bag of groceries in your hand or coming through the door without having to hear an alarm go off is great. You also have the ability to send a panic signal directly from your keychain.

Maybe your wife or children get approached by a stranger, they can press the lock and unlock button simultaneously on their keychain, sending a panic singal directly to the monitoring station. They then will dispatch the police.

There are many home security products that can really be used to your advantage. Protect America prides itself in being able to affordable and fully customized home security products.

To get a Protect America home security system and to take advantage of the 2 free keychain deal, you must call now and sign up! 888-951-5136 – You can also fill out the form on the right and input your contact information. Once you do that, a home security expert will contact you for a free consultation on how we can help make your life a little safer.

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