Technology changes quickly in the modern world. Smartphones are essentially pocket computers and laptops are being replaced by tablets. These developments seem natural because computers and tablets are part of the same industry. However, devices not normally associated with phones and computers are starting to look similar as well. For instance, what do security systems and smartphones have in common? They are more similar than you might think.

1. Touch screen

Most smartphones nowadays feature state-of-the-art touch-screen technology. A few years ago, this feature still had a lot of glitches. However, now touch screens are efficient and sensitive to your touch. Not only does your smartphone have this feature, but so do home security systems. The Simon XT Touchscreen is a wireless, energy efficient home security device that controls your system. Interacting with your device is easy, as the Simon XT has a 3.5-inch LCD display.

The device allows you to arm or disarm the security system with a single tap. You can also check the status of your home system as well as your windows and doors. Should you ever feel in danger, the Simon XT features a 24-hour “panic button” that will alert the monitoring center of an emergency with a single touch.

2. Arm and Disarm Security

You can arm and disarm your wireless home security systems from the Simon XT as well as from your smartphone. The SMART Connect app allows you to communicate with your home security system remotely. The easy-to-read display gives you the option to arm or disarm the system with a single tap of the screen. You may have forgotten to set the alarm before leaving for work. With the SMART Connect app, you can do it on the commute.

3. Monitor Your Home

Home alarm monitoring provides protection over your life. The monitoring center is notified when one of your alarms is tripped. They will then call you to verify that the incident is an intrusion and call the proper authorities to deal with the situation. For example, if your smoke detector is monitored, the fire department will be called in the event that smoke is present in the house.

Your smartphone also allows you to monitor your home. The SMART Connect app gives you access to live video feed as well as archived footage that you can view from your phone. You can watch and see what happens inside your house while you are away. The monitoring center still watches over your home, but you also can act as the guardian. There are many ways to use this feature. For example, you can check in to make sure your latchkey kid got home safe or make sure the plumber is working.

4. Keep You Informed

Your home security system and smartphone let you know when things are amiss in your house. When you’re at home and the sensors detect an intruder, an alarm goes off. The SMART Connect app sends you notifications if something is wrong back at the house. Whether you are inside or away, you will always be kept informed on the status of your home. Not only does this give you peace of mind, but it keeps you in control as well.