Once a homeowner makes the decision to invest in a house security system, there are certain “must haves” that can almost reverse any vulnerability in the house and make it into a replication of “Fort Knox!” Fort Knox is considered one of the most secure fortresses in the nation – so, perhaps that’s an exaggeration! However, with a few proactive steps, a homeowner, or even a renter, can still take matters into their own hands and create an impenetrable fortress of their own.


Secure Locks

The most important item to consider for security is the types of locks that are placed on the doors. Home improvement stores have a smorgasbord of locks to consider, but not all locks are the same. A high-grade and durable lock is the first line of defense against home intruders. This is not the time to bargain shop! However, a good way to compare prices and lock specifications is to visit home improvement websites prior to entering the store. It’s also important to speak with an employee of the store to make sure the product will be acceptable for the type of doors that need to be secured. Typically, each door should have a single-cylinder high-grade deadbolt with a minimum of a one-inch throw. The corresponding strike plate for the lock assembly must be measured at least 3 inches in length. When it comes to sliding doors, a homeowner should not rely on the manufacturer’s lock and crossbar alone. Sliding glass doors should have a sensor with a sound alert for entering and exiting.

Security Cameras

Multiple security cameras are paramount in a security system. When choosing a security camera, there needs to be a recording option available, and live monitoring is preferable. The advancement in security cameras has also made it possible for homeowners to automatically link to the local police for an intruder, providing that type of security camera registry is allowed within their particular area. Interested in a home security system? Request a Protect America free quote right now with absolutely no obligation!

Protect America offers a lock-in rate. That is an unprecedented benefit that is not offered by any other home security company!

It’s important that a security camera captures all footage of:

  • Entryways and Exits
  • Driveways
  • Garage Doors
  • Basement Level Entrances
  • Sheds and Exterior Storages

Motion Lights and Deterrents

Every home should have motion lights. Although motion lights do not typically deter a hardened criminal or a seasoned burglar, they do help to deter an “opportunist” burglar, as well as helping to see intruders who enter onto the property. Motion lights should be installed at least in the front and rear entry, but they should also be installed on the side of the home, if possible. Burglars will usually stake out the property, hidden in the darkness, and every possible light can expose their presence.


In addition to motion lights for the exterior, there should be timers for lights within the interior of the home set at different intervals whenever away. (Tip: Use 2-3 alternating time settings on each timer.) A dog is considered to be “man’s best friend.” And when it comes to protecting the home, they can be priceless. While a person should not rely on a family pet as their security guard, a dog is a deterrent and several dogs are a burglar’s worst nightmare! Burglars do not want to bring attention to themselves and an uncontrollable barking dog can be the difference between them choosing one home over another.

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