The time to realize you need a home security system shouldn’t be the first time you need one. Burglars and other criminals can target your home and an alarm system might save your life. Of course, the first step is installing a security system in your home.

Why You Need a Home Security System

There are plenty of statistics proving the effectiveness of home security systems. According to the Electronic Security Association, houses with alarm systems are three times less likely to be robbed than homes without alarm systems. A home security system can also save money. Most insurance providers offer a discount up to 20 percent on homeowners insurance when an alarm system is installed in your home.


Now is a good time to consider the security of your home. Recent statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation reveal that burglaries are on the rise. While other crimes, such as murder and arson, have decreased, burglary was the only crime to see an increase. Experts are predicting another rough summer for burglaries as economic conditions and unemployment encourage theft.

Using a Home Security System for Self-Defense

A home security system includes a number of features that can save your life in the middle of a burglary or attack. The most obvious feature for this purpose would be a panic button, which immediately calls a central monitoring station when pressed. A technician at the monitoring station will then make a decision whether or not police assistance is required.

Most home security providers also offer code words to ensure complete safety. When an alarm is activated, a call is generally placed to the residence. The monitoring station technician will then attempt to verify the identity of the person that answered the phone by asking for a pre-arranged code word. If the correct word is given, further assistance is provided. If the wrong word is given or if something else seems wrong, the technician calls police for immediate dispatch.


A few home security companies, like Protect America, even arrange a secondary, emergency code word in case the homeowner is being forced to deactivate the system against their will.

This secondary code word lets the technician know that the customer is being held against their will and that help should be notified. Of course, the technician also knows to not let the intruder know that help is being dispatched.

Getting a Home Security System

To get a security system, simply call a well-known home security provider, like Protect America. Founded in 1992, Protect America is the nation’s leader in self-installed, wireless home security systems. Customers can receive a free Simon XT wireless home security system when they order a monitoring solution. With a choice between landline, broadband, and cellular monitoring, Protect America can provide security service to most American households.