Children are smart. Ever hear some of the more profound things kids say? While their insight into the mysteries of the universe can be revelatory, there’s a reason people say something is so simple, “A child can do.” Though kids in modern society have developed acute technical abilities, there are some tasks that can prove too difficult. Installing a hardwired home security system is one task too complicated for a child. However, a wireless home alarm system from Protect America is so easy to install that a six-year old can install it.

How to Get a Wireless Home Security System

Getting a wireless home security system is easy. Simply fill out the form at to have a home security expert contact you about the specific needs of your home. When you order a monitoring solution from Protect America, we’ll send you a FREE home alarm system. Protect America home security packages include a motion detector and up to 15 door/window sensors. With no activation or installation costs, a wireless home security system from Protect America can save homeowners substantial money.

How to Install a Wireless Alarm System

When you call Protect America and order a wireless home security system, trained technicians are available to help with the installation process. Along with over the phone help, customers also receive a helpful DVD guide and an easy-to-follow installation manual. Wireless alarm systems are designed to be installed without tools or substantial technical expertise. Customers simply attach sensors to doors and windows with a Velcro strip. The installation process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes though most customers take a bit longer.

Wireless Alarm System Reviews

There are substantial differences between wireless alarm system models. Wireless alarm systems offered by Protect America are specifically designed to be installed by customers without professional help from a trained technician. This option is often preferred by customers as it is often cheaper than home security systems that require professional installation.  The wireless Simon XT is available to customers for free when they order a monitoring solution from Protect America.