You can never be too careful when it comes to home security. Protecting your home is extremely important. About 67% of burglaries are thwarted because of security cameras, however, only about 9% of homeowners have them installed. You may wonder, How many security cameras do you need to protect your home adequately? Here are some things to keep in mind if you are contemplating adding cameras to your property.

“Security is always excessive until it’s not enough.” — Robbie Sinclair

Do An Assessment Of Where You Need Security Cameras

The number of cameras required will vary depending on the particulars of the property monitored. If you have a large property you may need many cameras to cover the entire property. If you live in a smaller home, one or two cameras pointed at doorways may suffice. Inside the home, the layout may determine the number of cameras you will want to install. You may have specific rooms that hold valuables or that your children use, making them areas that you definitely want to have protected. Count the number of rooms in your home as well as spots where you think a camera is a wise addition. Determine whether some rooms can be viewed from one camera pointed their way or whether you need separate cameras for maximum protection.

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Decide Your Reasoning For Camera Placement In Your Home

The reasons why you want cameras installed in the first place makes a difference in how elaborate you wish for your security system to be. If you are mainly placing them to protect your assets from possible seizure, several cameras may be necessary so you can see all angles around your home at all times. If your cameras are being used as a deterrent against possible theft, you may want to install a few cameras in visible places so possible perpetrators are warned a security system is in place. Some people place cameras around and inside their homes to use for evidence if a crime does take place. If this is the case in your situation, you will want to opt for high-definition cameras to provide the best images possible.

Determine What Type Of Security Cameras You Need Place

The type of security cameras you want to use will determine how many cameras you need. If you use cameras with a wide view you will not need as many cameras to monitor your property. Perhaps you want the convenience of being alerted via text message or email if someone is on your property. This requires cameras that will work with a system that will send you alerts when they detect activity. Maybe you want the option of being able to view a live stream of your property from a remote location. Cost may be an issue, limiting the number of cameras available. There are sometimes discounts available when buying in bulk or when signing up for monitoring.

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    Do A Quick Assessment Before Contacting A Provider

    You’ll want to have some information available when you speak to a security company that provides cameras. Make sure you know:

    • The number of rooms in your home
    • The square footage of your home
    • The entry points to your home
    • The property square footage
    • Where you have special needs for cameras

    A Floorplan of a Home

    These simple points will help a representative to help you with the selection of cameras that will best protect your home and family. If you have a specific budget, you can provide this information as well.

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