It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out parenting is hard work. When you combine the full plate of responsibilities with the short time span to complete them and then throw in continuous lack of sleep, you end up with a hectic lifestyle in need of a helping hand. Thankfully there’s a portable device that can come to the rescue, i.e. your Amazon Echo.

While many homeowners view their Echo Dot as the reliable answer for determining today’s weather or naming that song, the smart speaker can actually help take a weight off the parenting load. 

Here are a few ways you can turn your smart device into a portable assistant:

Make Brushing Teeth More Fun

How many of us remember how excited we were when our child grew their first tooth? Now how many of us wince when thinking about the level of patience needed to help our kids keep those pearly whites…well, white? 

It can be difficult transitioning into the tooth brushing cheerleader, but isn’t it comforting to know that you can call on Alexa for help? Alexa has a free skill called “Chompers” featured in the Echo Dot Kids Edition. Theseries features two-minute episodes filled with fun facts, stories and riddles that will keep your child engaged throughout the full two minutes required for tooth brushing.

A boy is standing in front of the mirror brushing his teeth.

Tell Alexa It’s Bedtime

When it’s time for your kids to go to bed, set the scene. 

Setting the scene can transform your home into whatever desired state you need. So when it’s getting close to bedtime, let Alexa know by saying “Alexa, turn on bedtime.” This will configure each of the smart devices in your home to whatever setting you programmed. So if your youngster only dozes off with dim lighting, the air set to 72 degrees or while Adele sings “Someone Like You”, setting the scene might be a great option for your family—and sanity. 

Ask Alexa To Tell You A Story

Sometimes your child might want to hear a story during the most inconvenient of times. Sure, you’d like to sit with them and recite the three little pigs, but there’s also a meatloaf that needs to go in the oven. Rather than sacrifice dinner, entrust Alexa with handling story time duties this time around. All you have to do is say “Alexa, tell me a story!” and the smart device will begin reciting a book from your Audible library.

A woman is in a nursery playing with her baby.

Play White Noise

The next time your baby is fussing in your arms, just ask Alexa to play some soothing, like white noise or a Mozart piece. Having an entire musical catalog at your disposal is a game changer when you’re busy trying to soothe your child and can’t readily access your smartphone by hand. Pausing or replaying music is as easy as speaking the command.

Set A Timer Or Alarm

Never forget about leaving a dish in the oven by setting a timer with Alexa. Like many of the other features available on the Echo Dot, programming a timer can be done using your voice. Just say “Set an oven timer for 15 minutes” and you’re done.

Get a Second Pair of Hands Today: Call Protect America

Are you ready to take a weight off your parenting load? Then speak to a security expert today about including the Amazon Echo in your Protect America security package. Looping the smart speaker into your home’s line of innovative products will help everything stay connected so you can stay comfortable.