The best defense for your home is a good offense. This means that you need to be prepared at the weak spots on your home — namely, your doors and windows. In the guide below, we will discuss how you can burglar proof your home’s doors in particular as these are common access points for burglars and other invaders.

Choose a solid door

You assume that any front, side, or back door is strong and durable. But when we say solid, we mean solid. You want to be sure that your door is made of a strong, thick material that will not buckle with a swift kick or bash with a hammer.

With a solid doorjam and frame

In addition to having a strong and durable door, you also need your doorjamb and frame to be strong and durable. You’d be surprised how many flimsy door frames can easily be kicked in by even a medium-sized individual. Reinforce your doorjamb to withstand these penetrations by choosing galvanized steel for the frame and a deeper box strike where the bolt element of your deadbolt is housed.

Forget about doors with windows

You should definitely avoid purchasing doors that have windows in them. You’ll want completely solid doors for the entirety of your home.

Make sure you have a deadbolt lock

Every door on your home should have a deadbolt lock. Make sure not to choose a cheap model. This doesn’t mean that you need the most expensive model either, but do go with a brand name and have it professionally installed if you don’t know how to install it yourself.

Get shrubs away from door areas

Shrubs around your doorway provide the perfect hiding area where a burglar or invader can lay in wait. And when we say keep shrubs away from your doors, we also mean the following other obstructions:

  • Trees
  • Small buildings
  • Large flower beds
  • Other large objects where a burglar could hide

Furthermore, AARP reminds us of a few more reasons to say goodbye to shrubbery:

Overgrown shrubbery provides cover for thieves, so make sure that your house is clearly visible from the street. Keep the front of your house well-lit. Guard access to your backyard.

Have appropriate security

Finally, make sure that you have a security system installed in your home. You’ll want to have cameras on your front door as well as on side and back doors. If you find a security system that is advanced enough, you can even get text or call notifications when there are motions detected near your door or windows and you are not at home.

If you’re interested in monitored home security, feel free to get a complimentary quote from Protect America by going here. You can also get other ideas on strengthening your home security here.

Remember that your home is only as secure as you make it. Take the time to burglar-proof your door as well as your windows and other weak points on and around your home. You definitely won’t regret the time, energy, or money it takes when these precautions keeps you and your family safe.