The methods you would normally use to keep your home protected will need to be somewhat modified when you are working with French doors. This is especially important, as the point of entry that is accessed second most often by thieves is the back door, and in this post, we will discuss some ways you can keep this area of your home secure.


In America, 2,159,878 home invasions occurred every year, costing $4.6 billion in lost goods. The average loss per incident is $2,119. — FBI Website

Keep Your Doors Locked

This may come as a surprise to some, but almost half of all home break-ins are not committed forcibly. This means that the thief was able to parade, undeterred, unto the property by simply opening the door. Though it may seem obvious, the very first line of defense is to make sure your doors are always locked.

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    Bolt Them Shut

    French doors have a particular vulnerability when it comes to home security, and this is because they are comprised of two glass panels with a divide between them that create a weak point. This susceptibility to being broken into is what makes criminals target this particular design of door more often, and this means you need to strengthen this particular area. 

    You’re going to want to use a dead bolt, and a device called a mortise lock. These mechanisms are embedded unto the door itself and are stronger than the fastening that is attached near the door knob. Your door should have a mortise lock at the bottom and at the top of the door, bolstering its stability. Locking these at the same time creates a three-point system that is difficult to break into. You can also use double-cylinder deadbolts that run vertically and that lock the two doors together. 

    Use Stronger Materials

    Another obvious target of burglars is going to be the glass paneling on each French door, but there is something that you can do about this. You can outfit each panel with hurricane-rated glass, and this will make your doors virtually impenetrable, even when using a sledgehammer. You can also create a stronger frame by using steel for the door’s construction instead of wood, giving you the opportunity to still enjoy the classical elegance of a French door. In addition, you can choose to simply reinforce the frame with steel, making it more difficult for a would-be thief from entering in. 


    Add a Security System

    Fortifying your French doors is an important first step, but you will want to add other layers to your protection strategy that include:

    • Sensors that will sound a loud alarm if someone goes prowling around your home
    • Remote technology so that you will be alerted of a problem even while you are away from your property
    • A night vision option on all cameras
    • Settings to allow your pets access to the area without setting off the sirens

    You don’t want to take chances when it comes to securing your property, and Protect America can help you with safeguarding your home. They can walk you through the process of installing a monitored home security system, as this is preferable to non-monitored technology, and they can answer any questions you may have. Contact Protect America, and get a free quote today!