When a home has sliding glass doors, the people living inside are most likely pleased to be able to gaze out into their yard as they wish. With this amenity comes the increased risk of someone being able to see inside, or even worse, trying to gain entry to the inside.

Sliding glass doors are essentially large windows into your home, and they give burglars a front-row seat to view electronics, art, and other valuables.

Burglar-proofing sliding glass doors is an absolute must to help keep personal effects protected. Here are some tips that will aid with this endeavor.

Get Rid Of Landscaping Near The Doors

Any shrubbery, trees, or large plants in place outside of glass doors can become a hiding place for potential thieves. It is best to be able to see directly out of glass doors with ease so any movement will be noticed right away. Calling a landscaping service to assist in revamping the exterior foliage will be necessary if overgrown plants are present. It will be necessary to trim back branches regularly to keep the windows completely free of potential hiding spots.

Considering a Cover For Your Window

Window coverings can make a huge difference in whether someone tries breaking into a home or not. If they are able to see inside easily, it is more likely they will try gaining entry if there is no one around to notice them doing so.

Placing curtains, draperies, or blinds over a sliding glass door will make it more difficult for a burglar to determine whether someone is inside of a home or not. Security film or tint can also be used. In addition, adding lighting outside of a sliding glass door can be equally as useful in keeping theft from happening. Flood lights or spot lights will illuminate the exterior of the home, making it more risky for a burglar to take the chance in breaking into a home as they may be fearful in being seen by a neighbor or someone walking or driving past the abode.

Consider Adding Security Features

Professional security features will be extremely helpful in keeping burglary at bay. This can be in the form of:

  • Adding illumination to the exterior of the glass doors to help brighten the area
  • Installing a security alarm system or motion detection system to the home
  • Upgrading locking mechanisms throughout the home

Calling a service to assist with the selection of the best security features is recommended. A service worker will come to the home to do an evaluation of the windows and doors, will check for vulnerable areas, and will give the homeowner a variety of choices to upgrade the security of their home to the fullest.

When there is a need to protect a home, finding the right security service to help with the job is a must. Protect America is dedicated in helping customers with security solutions that fit their lifestyles and budgets. Take a look at their web site today and get a free quote to get started in protecting a home from theft.