When someone has a garage attached to their home, there will be worry about a thief using it as an entryway to the main portion of the living space. Adding protective security measures to an attached garage is necessary to reduce this risk. Here are some tips a homeowner can use to burglar-proof their garage door in an attempt to keep robbery from happening.


Know The Points Of Entry To Check For Security Breaches

It is important that all portions of the garage are secured so robbers cannot utilize the area to get into the home. All of the following should be evaluated for security:

  • The stability of the garage door
  • The service entrance door
  • The door leading from the garage to the home
  • Any windows on the garage door Any windows along the garage walls

Keep Garage Door Remotes In A Safe Location

Rather than keep a garage door opener in a vehicle, it is best to remove it so it is not easily obtained by someone wishing to commit a robbery. This is not only important when a vehicle is parked in a home’s driveway, but also when parked in other locations. A thief could gain access to a vehicle, stealing registration information along with a remote, leading them right to the address of their proposed target as a result.

Cover All Windows And Disable Automatic Door Functions

All garage door windows should be covered in their entirety. This will make it more difficult for someone to see into the area, helping to thwart their chances at a successful entry. Since garage door material can be pried away from the door frame with tools to gain entry, visibility into the garage will make this endeavor easier for a robbery to occur. Use pieces of dark paper, window tint, or contact paper to make it more difficult for a successful entry attempt. In addition, disabling the lock release lever will make it harder to gain entry. After this is unhooked, the door can only be opened manually.

On some garage door openers, you can use a plastic cable tie or some thin wire to tie the level to the carriage assembly it is attached to.

If there is no hole available in the main carriage of the door assembly, one can be added via a drill. Keeping the door tied to this carriage when no one is at home will make it much harder for a thief to pry open the door away from the fram, possibly saving the home from an unfortunate robbery as a result.


Consider A Professional Security System

A professionally installed security system will keep a garage protected against invasion. With several options to choose from, security couldn’t be easier or more affordable. In addition to garage security, whole home protection solutions are available. Remote monitoring, alarm systems, security camera hookups and motion sensing equipment are all wonderful solutions in protecting a home from theft.

When someone has an interest in finding out more about home security, a call to Protect America is extremely beneficial. Contact them today to discuss options or head online to get a free quotation.