One in every 36 homes is expected to be burglarized this year. While you cannot live your life worrying about someone breaking in, there are a few ways that you can go about catching a burglar if your home is broken into . Here is what you need to know about catching a burglar. 


Use a Home Security System

One of the best ways to catch burglars is to use a home security system. A home security lessens your chances of being broken into by 33 percent and the system can catch a burglar in many different ways. They can:

  • Sound an alarm that lets others know someone is in your home
  • Use motion sensors to detect motion and alert authorities
  • Allow you to see that someone is in your home thanks to security cameras
  • Catch an image of the burglar with cameras

If you are looking to catch any potential burglars that want to enter your home, be sure to use a home security system. 

Organize a Neighborhood Watch Program

Another way to catch a burglar who may be going through your neighborhood is to organize a neighborhood watch program. One of the reasons why theft and home burglaries are so common is because most of us do not know our neighbors and do not look out for one another. Organizing a neighborhood watch program can help your neighborhood get to know one another and keep an eye out for each other. 

A stay at home mom may be able to watch the neighborhood in the day while she is out playing with her kids, while a working couple may keep an eye out as they sip wine on their porch in the evening. The more you get to know your neighbors, the more you get to know about their habits and who should and should not be at their house. If you notice suspicious behavior at a house and you know the owners work during the day, you can call it is and possibly catch a burglar. 

Report All Crimes to the Police

The last way to catch a burglar is to report all crimes to the police. Many people are hesitant to call the police if their window was broken out or it looks like someone tried to pry their door open. There really isn’t much cops can do at this point, so it may seem like a waste of time for both sides. However, this is not the case at all. No matter how minor the issue may seem, cops can use the information to determine what neighborhoods might be getting targeted or to determine where to amp up patrols. While it is unlikely that police will find the culprit who broke your window or tried to pry open your door, that information can help to stop future burglaries in your neighborhood if it is reported. 

Despite your best efforts, you will not be able to stop a break in from happening to your home. If someone wants in, they will find a way in. However, using a home security system, organizing a neighborhood watch program and reporting all crimes to the police can help to catch burglars and lessen the likelihood of it happening to your home. Are you interested in home security monitoring? Contact Protect America to get a free quote today.