Your fire escape plan is something you’ll need to prepare ahead of time before disaster strikes, as it is an established fact that most blazes will occur between midnight and six in the morning. It is unlikely that you will have time to concoct a plan on the spot, and in this post, we will discuss the best ways to create your own fire escape plan.


Understand Your Why

When there is a fire, your normal entrances and exits will often be blocked. This is because fires will often begin in the following locations:

  • Kitchen
  • Basement
  • Living Room
  • In A Bedroom

The whole point, then, of your escape plan is to safely leave the burning building and to make sure all family members are accounted for. You’ll need to draw out the structure of your building and include two points of flight from each room. You may need to think outside of the box and consider unusual methods of departure. One example could be existing through a dormer window that opens unto a porch roof from which a person can safely reach the ground below. Mark your normal means of entry in black and those used in case of a fire in red.

Only one-third of all Americans have developed and practiced a plan in the case of emergencies, and only 8% believe they should exit their home when they hear a fire alarm. Most house fire victims believed they had at least six more months to prepare. — National Fire Protection Association

Test Your Plan

It is imperative that you physically go to the various locations that you’ve listed as entrances and exits to make sure they’re viable solutions in the event of a conflagration. This means that you should perform a simple examination of the windows you’ll be using to ensure that they can open and close properly without elaborate manipulation. If your windows have screens, make sure they can easily pop out.

Practice, Practice, Practice

  • Begin with everyone in his or her room
  • You can sound the warning using the smoke detector, and this will give you the chance to make sure it is in good working order
  • Replace the batteries if you need to do so at this point
  • Everyone should spring out of bed into action when they hear the alarm
  • Ensure that your family members test the door before deciding to open
  • Escape through the doorway you would normally use
  • Conduct a second drill whereby you will all pretend the normal entrance is impassable
  • This time, all persons participating must test their ability to exit the building using the alternative method
  • Adjust this exercise depending on the age and level of danger your method presents, for example, if your plan requires climbing unto the roof


Additional Pointers

Sleeping with your door closed can keep smoke and fire from entering your bedroom, giving you precious moments to escape unharmed. Install fire alarms in each bedroom to prevent people from venturing out into the hallway unnecessarily, and do not try to gather possessions, but instead, get out as soon as you possibly can. Account for everyone once you are at your meeting place outside, and use a neighbor’s telephone to contact rescue personnel.

Another way to keep your family secure is by installing a monitored home protection system, as these are a safer choice than their unmonitored counterparts. Contact Protect America to get your free quote on a home security system today!