Home security can mean a lot of different things. It could be a technologically sophisticated system that covers every square inch of your home. On the other hand, improving your house’s security may be as easy as making small, common-sense changes to your daily life. No matter the size of your property, you want to take appropriate steps to ensure your property’s safe. Here’s our guide to quick and easy ways to improve your home security:

Nightly checks

Check that your doors and windows are locked up at night. Make this part of your evening routine. It will just take a minute to give you peace of mind.


Lock it up

Keep valuable and hard-to-replace items in a safe. This could include:

  • Insurance documents
  • Vehicle registration
  • Birth certificates and other valuable papers
  • Money
  • Jewelry
  • Firearms

For increased security, consider renting a safety deposit box at a bank for these items.

Maintain your smoke detectors

Your smoke detectors might save your life … if they’re working. Check the batteries in your smoke detectors. Newer models might last up to 10 years, but you should test them regularly to make sure the unit still functions.  To find out more about smoke detectors, read our guide here.

Protect from prying eyes

Install angled window shades or have the windows tinted. This will make it harder for people to see in. You’re making criminals’ jobs more difficult and deflecting nosy neighbors at the same time. Also, remember to keep valuable items like expensive electronics out of easy sight.

Secure your garage

According to the Family Handyman, the garage is often a weak point in your home’s security. An electric garage door opener is convenient, but it has potential drawbacks. The frequencies it uses might be intercepted and copied by criminals. A safer bet may be a keyed garage door system.

Join forces with your neighbors

Is there a local neighborhood watch? If not, consider creating one. Bob Vila encourages neighborhood watches and believes they’re effective in deterring crime.  Even better, this lets you get your nosy, gossiping neighbor (there’s always one!) onto your side.


Easy Security Measures During Holidays and Vacations

According to the FBI, in several states, December is the peak month for burglaries as folks leave homes unattended during the holidays.

If you’ll be gone for a long time, for instance if you’re visiting family during the holiday season, take some added security measures. These can include:

  • Have the post office hold your mail or ask a neighbor to collect it so it doesn’t pile up.
  • Make sure that additional entrances to your house, such as a door into the garage, are locked and secured.
  • Set your lights on a timer so your house looks occupied even when it isn’t.
  • Hire someone to keep up the landscaping when you’re away.
  • Share your vacation story on social media only after you return.

Are You Ready to Upgrade Your Security Measures?

Simple changes help, but to really up your security game, you’ll want to look at monitored home security systems. At Protect America, we’ll work with you to keep your home safe.

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