Safety is the number one concern of many Americans yet only 14% of homeowners have a functional home security system. Setting up a security system may seem like a major ordeal, but in actuality, it’s worth the effort if it keeps your family protected from outside threats.

Why Do You Need a Security System

Some people believe their home can only get broken into while they’re away on vacation, in fact, more than “2,000,000 home burglaries are reported in the United States each year.” It is more common than you may believe. It happens every 13 seconds, according to the FBI. Don’t allow your home to be one of the statistics and install a home security system. When an armed system is compromised, it will immediately send a message to your monitoring service who will, in turn, contact the police. In addition, your neighbors will be alerted; the more eyes on your home the better. Thieves don’t like an audience.


Start with a Plan

Create a list of outside doors and windows, including the garage door –if it’s attached. Also, include patio doors even if your veranda is screened-in. This will let you know how many transmitters you will need.

If you decide to use motion sensors instead, be aware that motion sensors do not detect when a window is broken.

Motion sensors may be a cheaper route, but you won’t know that a burglar is trying to break in, you’ll know only after he’s already in your house. The standard transmitters will detect if a window is broken or moved.

Choose a Monitoring Service

Research monitoring companies that will give you everything you need. You can own an alarm system without having a monitoring service. There are many benefits of having your home monitored by an alarm company:

  • 24/7 Technical support
  • Direct link to the police or fire department
  • Possible discounts on your homeowner’s insurance
  • Report problems when the systems are disrupted
  • Peace of mind


Installation Tips

Some security systems come with a Central Station, which receives signals from each of your system’s components. It will also sound an alarm throughout the home and call you and emergency services if the system is tripped. Just plug in the Central Station and begin to install the window and door sensors.

The door sensors come in two parts. One will go on the door jam and the other on the door. Do the same for the window sensors. Either use the double-sided tape or remove the backplate of the sensor and screw it securely in place. Make sure they’re lined up. This will let the system know that everything is all right. When armed and the two parts do not line up, the system will sound and alert you.

With the right wireless system, you can also add a smoke detector and CO detector to your home security. Adding these two devices will alert you to abnormal levels of smoke and carbon monoxide.

The last thing you need to install is the keypad. You will be able to enter your passcode to disarm and arm the device each time you enter or leave your home. Place the keypad next to the main entryway.

When you are ready to install your own home security system, contact Protect America. They can walk you through the installation process as well as give you a free quote for home protection.