The installation process of a home security system will largely depend on a number of factors. Customers looking to save money by doing the installation themselves will want to choose a wireless home security system, like the ones offered by Protect America. More expensive hardwired options are available but these systems will require professional installation from a technician.

Wireless Home Security System Installation

Most wireless home alarm systems are designed to be installed without support from a technician. The door/window sensors for a wireless home security system use an adhesive strip and Velcro to stay in place. The Simon XT control panel used by Protect America can hold up to 40 security sensors and accessories. A security package from Protect America will include up to 15 door/window sensors and a motion detector.

To make the installation process easier, Protect America provides each customer with a trained technician and an installation manual. Also included with every Protect America security package is a helpful how-to DVD with clear instructions for installing your new home security system. The installation process can be completed in as little as 30 minutes with no technical expertise.

Equipment from a wireless home security provider, like Protect America, is free when you order a monitoring solution. Protect America also waives all activation and installation fees that cost hundreds of dollars with hardwired home security companies. The only cost to a Protect America customer is the monthly monitoring fee.

Hardwired Home Security System Installation

A more expensive alternative to a wireless home security system is a hardwired option. Customers that choose a hardwired home alarm system will have to pay a technician for installation. These companies also make their customers pay for equipment, which can cost as much as $1300. The savings between a hardwired home security system and a wireless version are quite substantial. Upfront costs for a hardwired home security system can approach almost $2000.

Installing a hardwired home security system can be a difficult process. Technicians have to drill holes and run lengths of wire through walls. Having a stranger in your home can also be a substantial security risk that essentially defeats the purpose of installing an alarm system in the first place.