You’re home alone.  Suddenly, you hear a noise outside your kitchen window. Is it your neighborhood cat on its nightly prowl or is it another, more dangerous, prowler? More than likely, it’s nothing to be alarmed over. You’ll still ask yourself; is your safety worth the risk?

According to FBI statistics, “An estimated 3.7 million burglaries occurred each year on average from 2003 to 2007.”  About a third of these times, there was a resident at home. Are those the kind of odds you want to gamble with?


Best Practices

So, what are your best options for keeping your family safe? Not surprisingly, there are a multitude of options. From monitored home security to having a dog in the house, there are ways to deter intruders from even considering your house as a potential target.

Are Burglar Bars For You?

Sometimes, the most obvious methods can be some of the best and easiest protections to utilize. Burglar bars, for instance, have been in use for decades and, in the proper circumstances, can be a sound security investment. Who would benefit most from this kind of security measure? See if these criteria work for you.

Are you:

  • The owner of your own home? Most rentals do not want modifications, such as window bars, added to their property.
  • Adults living in the house only? One of the drawbacks to burglar bars can be the fact that they keep people in as well as out, especially in the case of fire. Children may have difficulty with finding or remembering an escape route or unlatching bars with releases. Therefore, an adult-only household may be your best bet.
  • Living in a house with strong exterior material? A brick house or a wood frame house may provide better install options than a mobile home or house covered in vinyl siding. The bars don’t provide much protection if they can be easily pried off by robbers.
  • Living in a second story or higher apartment or house. If your residence is mostly above the first floor, you may not find burglar bars to be of much use.

For many, burglar bars are exactly the piece of mind they have been searching for. Make sure that you don’t have too many drawbacks or extenuating circumstances, which would preclude the use of such devices.


Protecting Number One

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