Thieves looking for a way to get inside your home will look to your doors and windows first. Assuming you have solid doors and good quality locks, windows are the easiest point of entry into your home. You can directly address this potential security weakness by taking steps that make breaking in through windows require too much effort for the average burglar. Key steps you can take include:

Lock Windows

The first and easiest step is to make sure that your windows are closed and locked whenever you leave your home. All windows have some type of built in lock, but sometimes, especially in older windows, they are inadequate. Add-on locks can be installed to make it even more difficult for burglars to get through.

Reinforce Glass

Even a solid lock may not be enough to top a determined burglar, they’ll just knock out a pane of glass and reach in to unlock the window. There are several ways you can defend yourself from this kind of break in and increase your window security:

  • Protective film – This prevents your window from being easily shattered. Tinted films can also make it difficult or impossible for a burglar to see inside your home and look for things to steal.
  • Security screens – Also known as burglar shutters, are similar to regular bug screens, but are much stronger. It’s easy to slit through a bug screen with a knife, but security screens are made of steel and are much harder to breech.
  • Shatterproof glass – Standard window panes can be replaced with thicker, stronger glass that is more difficult to break. The windows will look essentially the same but provide more security.

Install Window Security Bars or Grills

Protective bars and grills don’t have to look like the grates on a jail cell door, there are beautiful, decorative alternatives that can add a flash of décor to your home alongside the added protection. If you do install bars or grills, make sure to leave one window free or have a method of opening the grill from inside in the event of an emergency.

Windows are a favorite entry point for burglars and thieves, so it’s well worth the time and effort to take extra steps to secure them.

Install Window Alarms

Window sensors are one of the workhorses of a good home security system. A small monitor is installed on each window, and if the window gets opened or breeched, a signal is sent to a main control panel. Then an alarm sounds to scare off the burglar, and if the security system is monitored, authorities are notified immediately.

Secure Air Conditioners

An unsecured window air conditioner can be an easy entry point for a burglar. Besides making off with the air conditioning unit, the thief can climb in through the opening left behind. Air conditioners can be secured to the house with steel brackets that support the unit and make it more secure. Adding sliding window locks will prevent burglars from simply opening the partially opened window the rest of the way and climbing in. Windows with air conditioners should also employ sensor alarms, just like other windows in your home.

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