What’s the easiest way of making your home a bit more secure? By installing a home security system. These systems work in different ways depending on the type of system you buy, but most use the same basic procedures to get set up.

It’s important for you to not let cost keep you from buying a new home security system. Many of these systems can actually be installed on your own if you take the time out to learn the proper steps. A little know how and basic knowledge of installation can help you get your security system set up even without the help of professionals.


The Parts of a Security System

  • The Sounder
  • Window and Door Circuits
  • The Window Foil
  • The Wiring
  • The Control Panel

Installing the Sounder

The first part of any home security system installation is determining where you’re going to install the equipment. These systems often used electrical circuit systems to protect your home’s perimeter. When the perimeter is broken, the alarm goes off. You’ll need to find a location to place the sounder. This is usually centrally located inside of your house. This is so that, when it goes off, the alarm can be heard throughout the house.

Securing the Perimeter

You’ll need to find places along your windows and doors where sensors need to be placed. Switches are placed along these locations in two parts. A switch placed on either a window or door should be placed on both sides. The two parts of the switch form the electric circuit.

Placing the Window Foil

Circuits are used along doors and windows to detect whenever they’re opened while the alarm system is on. However, you also have to take precautions against broken windows. The third part of your installation requires you to install the window foil onto your windows. This is a thin foil layer that lets you open your window without triggering your alarm. However, when the window is broken, it triggers your alarm.


Wiring Your House

Once you’ve installed your sounder, circuits, and foil, you’ll need to place the wiring. Start from the location furthers from your sounder and work the wiring to the control panel. You can wire destinations closer to the sounder after you’re done. All you’ll have to do afterward is connect your battery to the sounder circuit and connect the sounder to your control panel. The entire process of wiring your home, placing the sensors and window foil, and hooking everything up to your control panel can be long. However, it’s worth it for the peace of mind you’ll have.

2,000,000 home burglaries are reported each year in the United States. About 30 percent of all burglaries are through an open or unlocked window or door.

Don’t let your home go unsecured. Do you want to install a security system but feel unsure about where to start? Need to know what type of security system is right for you? Call Protect America for a free quote and to learn all you’ll need to know about getting your home security system installed.