The benefits of having a burglar alarm system are often overlooked. There could be various reasons someone doesn’t have an alarm system ranging from not knowing they’re available at a great price, or simply just thinking they do not need one.

If you have never been broken into, you probably think you do not need one. The unfortunate reality is that you never know when you could be broken into.


Burglars are not as dumb as we’d like them to be so we have to be 2 steps ahead of them. Installing an alarm system in your home could make all the difference.

Not Monitored Alarm Systems

There are people who actually place alarm systems in their home, but do not have it monitored. We do not recommend this, but if this your only option then you must. This means if your alarm goes off at home there will be no police, fire department, or EMS response to whichever alarm was triggered. Consult with your security provider if you believe you have no other option and see if there’s anything they can do. At Protect America we will do everything we can to make sure we can get you monitored.

Monitored Alarm Systems

Having a home security system installed is just the first half of a secured home. When your alarm goes off, the security system sends out a signal to our monitoring station, which in turn, contacts you and the authorities. Without a home security monitoring service, an alarm that is tripped never contacts the police. Protect America firmly believes that having a monitored home security system is the best solution for keeping your home and family safe. And we are proud to offer a variety of monitoring solutions to fit your home, lifestyle, and budget.


As a new customer at Protect America we offer a FREE alarm system when you sign up for our monthly monitoring subscription. There are a few different types of packages we offer to accommodate your specific home and needs. From regular door or window sensors to glass break sensors, all the way to flood sensors; we offer them to you as our customer. Being able to have all these type of sensors in your home is very important. You can even add smoke detectors and heat sensors that are 24 hour sensors which are constantly being monitored so that you are notified in these type of situations.

Contact us today so you can get a free monitored alarm system. Get a free quote and have a Protect America representative contact you today.