While providing a reliable home security system for a cheap price is the name of our game at Protect America, there are some inexpensive and effective ways to protect your home from a burglary. Here are the most inexpensive and effective ways to protect your home from a burglary:

Give Your Home That “Lived-In” Look:

Statistics have shown that most break-ins occur between the hours of 6am and 6pm. Going to be gone during those hours? Think about leaving your TV on to give the impression that someone is home. Going to be out of town for a week? Tell the post office to hold your mail or ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up daily. Think about possibly leaving a few lights on in your house as well if you don’t have an automated system. Simply put: Never let your home look like it’s not being lived in daily.

You’re Smart. Yes; you. So act the part:

You have locks on your doors and windows, so use them. Make it a daily/nightly routine to make sure they are locked. Don’t open the door for strangers. Do not keep a spare key outside, instead give one to your neighbors or a friend. People working in your home? Don’t leave them alone in your home. Always make sure you know what they’re doing. Check in with your family every time you go in or go out of your home. Live alone? Make friends with your neighbors and have a system in play to watch each other’s backs.

Make Sure Your House Number Is Visible:

The last thing you want is for your house number to be hidden from plain sight on your street. The harder it is to see your number, the harder it will be for a passerby to give the police valuable information about your home if they suspect suspicious activity is happening, which in turn makes it even harder for the police to get there. This could be as simple as trimming your hedges, making sure your light bulbs work or taking out the ol’ paintbrush.

Get a Dog:

Or don’t. But at least give off the impression that you have one. The sound of a dog’s bark usually thwarts potential burglars from even trying to break into your home. Interestingly enough, so does the impression that you have a dog–even if you just have a sign that says “Beware of Dog” hanging in your window or on your fence.

Call the Cops on Yourself:

We’re serious. Many police departments have their own home-security inspection programs. Sometime they’ll be so kind as to send an officer your way to look for any weaknesses in your home that a potential burglar could use to their advantage. The police offer will probably also recommend an alarm system for you if you don’t already have one.

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