If you are considering a home security system for your home, you are no doubt thinking about the expense of it. The truth is that most families need to make their decisions with money in mind. This is okay, if you also keep in mind that your family’s security is not a luxury, but rather a necessity. A quality home security system is necessary to protect your family from losses. It is estimated that 14.3 billion dollars in property is lost each year due to break ins. This really goes to show that you can’t afford not to have a security system. So, let’s look at some of the affordable options that are available to families on a budget.


DIY Systems

DIY systems are boxed security systems that you purchase for a flat rate, and then do most of the installation yourself. These systems are easy to install, with simple instructions, and usually very affordable pricing. With a DIY system you will be responsible to install the equipment using the clear instructions sent along with your package. After installation you will be able to access monthly monitoring for a small fee. The monthly monitoring is a very important part of your security plan. The monthly monitoring allows the security company to contact authorities on your behalf should there be a problem. Without monthly monitoring you simply have an alarm system with no real way to get help quickly to your home. Here are a few of the most popular DIY products available today.

  • SimpliSafe- Packages start as low as $489.00 and $14.99 monthly monitoring fee.
  • FrontPoint- Packages start at $199.99 and $35.00 monthly monitoring free.
  • Protect America- NO upfront package fees and monthly monitoring starts as low as $19.99.
  • Scout- Packages start as low as $299.00 with $9.99 monthly monitoring
  • Brinks Nest Secure- Packages start at $299.00 with $19.00 monthly monitoring

What Sets Protect America Apart?

Protect America is designed with regular families in mind. The basic packages include everything you need to keep your home secure from invasion. However, in addition to the basic packages, Protect America also offers more in-depth levels of security and home automation.

Protect America also offers home automation which brings a complete connectivity for your home. You can monitor your home on a whole new level.

  •  HD Video Service
  • Smoke & Fire Monitoring
  • Smart Door Lock Control
  • Garage Door Control
  • Smart Lighting


Protect America offers three protection plan levels, rated at Copper, Silver, and Platinum. Each level includes basic security equipment and installation and then builds upon that foundation for progressive packages. This gives families the ultimate flexibility in their plan. When your budget will allow for more services simply upgrade.There is always the option to go ahead and get a basic package installed and monitored, and then plan for an upgrade later on.

When the budget improves you simple call the Protect America representative and have them upgrade your home to whichever package will work best for your family.If you want your home to be a secure as possible, then you will definitely want to consider an automated system that allows for monthly monitoring. However, if this is not in your budget, Protect America will definitely work with you to get a basic package set up, so that you can begin monitoring your home ASAP.

If you are ready to make this very important investment into your family’s security, then please call today for a free quote.