Nest has made a lot of noise the last few years in the smart thermostat and home automation space. Originally founded by Tony Fadell, one of the founders of the Apple iPod, Nest went on to be purchased by Google in 2014 for $3.2 billion in cash.

Tony Fadell has since left the company, but Nest has continued to do well and grow. They’ve introduced various other products other than thermostats, including the Nest Cam Indoor.

The indoor camera found success and Nest just announced last month that they will be releasing an outdoor version of the item.

The camera isn’t available for purchase, only pre-order, so reviews aren’t out yet. It will be available in the United States and Canada in the fall, before eventually making it to other markets, including the UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

So what’s with the Nest Cam Outdoor? How’s it Different from the indoor offering?

The Specs

The outdoor offering is very similar to the Nest Cam Indoor. It has a sleek, white shell made to limit high-temperature exposure. It’s weatherproof and can withstand both rain and snow.

The camera needs to plug into a power outlet, so you’ll never have to worry about batteries. It also comes equipped with a mounting bracket and magnetic mount for those who want other options.

It comes equipped with two-way speaking capabilities, a 130 degree wide-angle view and 1080p HD that has pretty high quality camera during both day and night. Eight infrared LED lights will help viewers to see the whole view even when it’s dark, but only up to 20 feet unless additional light sources are around.

One of the biggest perks of the product is that it works and integrates with other Nest products, including the learning thermostat. The cost is also $200 so you’ll be paying the exact same amount of money that you would for the indoor option.

The camera features live streaming capabilities and for users who purchase the Nest Aware System, up to 30 days of footage will be saved in the cloud for $10 a month. Nest Aware also allows users to create custom clips that you can download and share with friends, neighbors, and the police.

New features on the camera include the ability to differentiate between a person and other objects and Nest sends specific alerts when a human is detected. These new alerts are an improvement because the past systems were only able to notify of sounds and motion.

An alert will also be received if the camera is cut or goes unplugged (which is a clear indication of a burglar simply pulling the chord.)

Nest outdoor camera installation

Installing the Nest outdoor camera takes less than an hour which is a lot quicker than most outdoor cameras. It’s also relatively simple and there are a lot of instructional videos by Nest to make it even easier. You can mount it one of two ways, either use the magnetic base or if you’re installing it on a wood surface you can use two screws. Having a simple installation makes these Nest cameras a lot more convenient than most. Usually if you decide that you want your outdoor cam in a different location it’s a huge ordeal, but with the Nest cam its relatively simple.

Are there any Issues?

The obvious problem with the Nest Cam Outdoor is it isn’t an all-inclusive home security offering and it’s expensive.

You would be purchasing the camera under the assumption that you will also purchase other Nest or home automated products to piece together a home security system. This isn’t necessarily a bad approach, but it will be more costly, more stressful and you won’t have professional monitoring in the event of a break-in.

The wired system may pose a problem for many people. The cable is only 10 feet and an adapter with an additional 15 feet is available, but 25 feet is still a pretty short cable for a system.

The camera operates via WiFi, so you will need to have a strong connection in whatever location you end up placing the camera.

Though the white frame was made to limit high temperature and and heat exposure, it isn’t fully capable of avoiding temperature and high-heat issues. For the Nest cam outdoor installation, it’s recommended to install the product under an eave or overhang to protect from heating effects or sunlight, so these temperature issues may be a factor for residents in cities with high temperatures.

Overall Nest has well reviewed and popular products. This product hasn’t launched yet, but due to its similarity to the indoor Nest camera, it’s safe to assume that it will also be a solid camera offering.

Though Nest has good products, we suggest opting for all-inclusive home security that won’t cost an arm and a leg and will connect you to professional law enforcement.