Protect America’s chat feature is an aspect of customer support that aims to provide the convenience of speaking with a representative online instead of through the phone. At Protect America, our customer support staff is specially trained to help you with any type of issues and concerns you may have about your Protect America home security system. With technology advancing, we have sought new ways to connect with our customers. In 2012, Protect America introduced Chat. However, what exactly is Chat?

Today we sat down with Olibeti Moultry, Protect America’s very own Chat manager.  In order to find out a little bit more about Protect America’s Chat, we asked Olibeti some questions about how Chat came to serve so many customers on a daily basis.


Pictured above: Olibeti working at her desk inside Protect America.

 What is Chat?

Protect America’s Chat is a full service department. Chat is able to do everything that General Care can do. Instead of through a phone call, Chat uses an online portal to speak to customers. This is what your Protect America Chat window will look like when you choose to speak to a representative.

What Can Chat Do?

Our Chat team is available online during normal business hours to chat with you and answer any kind of questions you may have about your home security system. It’s the same great service you’ll receive by calling in, only we use an online chat module to accommodate customers who prefer to correspond in that manner. We asked Olibeti about how many customers she deals with on a daily basis. She said:

Chat representatives are able to deal with multiple customers at a time. They can be chatting with anywhere from 2 to 10 plus customers at one time. Chat has become the movement for customer service. Many times it is much easier for customers to multi-task using chat versus having to be tied to a conversation on the phone with a representative. I know for myself I prefer to chat rather than having to call in to speak with anyone.

No doubt it is an advancement in customer care, especially since one representative is able to help multiple customers at one time. No one likes being tied to the phone for a long period of time. Protect America’s chat module gives customers the flexibility of talking to a representative at their leisure, online. According to Olibeti:

[Chat] takes close to 6000 chats in a month. This averages 1000 conversations per person in the department.

That’s quite a volume of chatters! Pictured below is the rest of the chat department, which is fairly small compared to the other departments that work together to make Protect America a living, breathing business.


At the end of every Protect America Chat, you have the option of receiving an e-mail with a transcript of your chat with one of our representatives. That way you have a written record of what has been said during your conversation. This is another beneficial aspect of chatting that exceeds the traditional phone call. Additionally, you’ll be able to give us feedback after your chat about how helpful your representative was and also give us an indication of your satisfaction with the conversation. Protect America can use your feedback to make the Chat experience better for future customers. Stay tuned for more insight into what goes on inside Protect America!