What does customer service look like at Protect America? At Protect America, customer service is a title that is interchangeable with our CARE department. If you are having any concerns with your home security system, we can solve it. CARE is specially trained to help you with any issue concerning your home security alarm system. However, what exactly does CARE do on a day-to-day basis? Customer service is often times the face of a company. Sometimes the only interaction people ever receive after the point of sale is through a customer service representative. For this reason, we decided to take a closer look inside Protect America in order to get a better sense of what CARE does for our customers on a daily basis. We sat down with CARE managers, Shannon and Wanda to get the scoop on what all they do for our customers here at Protect America!

What is CARE?

Protect America’s general CARE is a full service department. CARE is available to assist the customer with any home security questions or concerns. You can either call in to speak with one of our CARE representatives or speak with someone through our chat feature. Chat is an extension of CARE that aims to address issues and answer questions over an instant messaging portal rather than on the phone. CARE aims to provide simple solutions for our customers in the most efficient way possible. It is an important area of any business because in the customer’s daily interactions, CARE representatives are Protect America. We asked Wanda and Shannon what their favorite part was about working in CARE:

We learn something new everyday. Getting to work in a team setting and watching each other grow brings such satisfaction to the daily working environment. It is rewarding to give each and every customer peace of mind, whether it’s from adding additional protection, educating them about the service or resolving their issues. The variety of personalities that we get to interact on daily basis is yet another great aspect of working in CARE.


(Senior CARE manager, Wanda Mata, pictured above & CARE manager, Shannon Alexander, pictured below)


What Does CARE Do?

CARE can solve any of your security concerns ranging from general education about different types of services, inquiries about billing and resolving any issues that may arise during your time here as one of Protect America’s many valued customers. We asked Wanda and Shannon about a specific instance where they were able to help a customer in need. Wanda responded:

I was on a call with a customer that was having trouble understanding the instructions being given. I took out my cell phone and recorded a small “how to” video to more clearly show the customer a step-by-step instructional of how to fix their issue. Then I emailed the video I made to the customer for a visual reference. The customer was able to quickly resolve the issue with the help of my instructional video and it was such a rewarding experience being able to help.

The investment that each CARE representative has in helping our customers is amazing. We asked Shannon the same question. He told us about a customer that he was able to help:

The customer was on a limited budget in a high crime area. They needed assistance identifying different coverage options. I was able to understand the customer’s needs and then provide an affordable solution for the customer. I love resolving issues and answering questions because the customers are very grateful for the time and initiative it takes to provide excellent customer service.

At Protect America, our CARE department calls 5 different customers a week to follow-up on their experience with the CARE team member that helped them. Shannon and Wanda conduct about two on-the-spot manager calls a week.

On any given day, we help an average of about 45 customers.

Why is CARE Important?

CARE is important for a number of reasons. Foremost, it would be difficult for any company to survive without some form of customer service, as there would be no one available to handle payments or answer questions from prospective customers. CARE can help differentiate a company from it competitors. For example, customers who experience poor customer service are more likely to switch companies if they feel like their needs aren’t valued. That’s why Protect America aims to provide you the best customer service possible. Thanks to our CARE department, we are able to provide that every day.