Every company has a face. And behind the face of every company is a group of people working together to make sure everything is running smoothly. When you think about a big company, most of the time it is difficult to imagine what goes on behind the scenes. At Protect America, home security is what we do. However, it takes the collective effort of multiple departments with hundreds of hard-working individuals to keep America safe every day. Protect America is a living, breathing company just behind the walls of our headquarters in Austin, Texas. In this post, we will take a peek inside Protect America to see what happens on a daily basis!

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Who is Protect America?

Here at Protect America, there are a number of different departments working together to help our customers get what they need. Some of our departments include Customer CARE, Chat, Sales, Installations, Account Services, Shipping, Building and Marketing!

Upon entering the building, this is what you might see on an average day. Our front desk area pictured below:


Then once you enter the main area of the building, you’ll walk through a hallway that looks like this:



Our sales department is the catalyst of how well our products are introduced into the marketplace. The sales department has several duties and responsibilities within our company. For example, the sales team will identify Protect America’s customer base. The sales team will then work closely with the marketing department to ensure our home security products and services are marketed and sold to consumers who are in the market for one. Just across the room in marketing, a creative group of individuals work together to launch various safety campaigns, update the website, design emails, coordinate with affiliates and keep track of social media presence. Marketing is also responsible for the programming website, the blog and  Below is a photo of the sales floor:


Our Customer CARE department is probably the largest of all our department, as it encompasses a number of different aspects of the company. CARE deals with all of the general customer support. CARE can solve any of your security concerns ranging from general education about different types of services, inquiries about billing and resolving any issues that may arise during your time as one of Protect America’s many valued customers.

The Chat department is a department within CARE. Since 2012, we have implemented our chat feature aiming to provide the convenience of speaking with a representative online instead of through the phone. The best part about it is you can chat with us using your SMART Connect app!


Pictured above is Olibeti, our Chat manager. She and her department chat with customers and coordinate with the Marketing department in order to keep track of our online presence. Shipping and building is responsible for assembling and packaging all of our home security products for customers. Account Services is just across the room. Account Services is responsible for making sure all the information on your account is correct and updated.


About Us

Protect America is one of the nation’s top home security companies. We have protected almost half a million homes since 1992 and have continued to grow. Our goal is to provide home security for the whole nation and educate consumers on the importance of home security. However, we also want to show you what it is like behind the scenes of a company such as this. Everyday we’re working hard to get your and your family safe and secured with any one of our affordable home security packages. Stay tuned for more information about what goes on behind the scenes here. Team work and the fight to make the world a safer place is what makes Protect America a great place to be.