Home security varies from company to company but a lot of the structured business part of it is the same. From Protect America Home Security, to ADT Home Security, and even smaller companies like SafeMart; home security companies typically operate the same. There is always a contract, always a type of system, and always a type of monitoring.

Why Protect America is Different

At Protect America, we operate a little different than most companies in the simple fact that we never change our monitoring rates, unless it’s to lower the cost to thank a customer. A lot of home security companies will actually change the monthly rate of your home security contract or have the option to and can if they decide to. Does that surprise you? If so, you should read your contract a lot closer before you sign up for home security. At Protect America we promise to never raise your contract rate once you sign up with us, that is in fact unless you decide to get a bigger package or alter the type of monitoring which can vary obviously for equipment reasons. We will never just randomly change your monitoring rate for any reason and especially without ever telling you.

Our DIY (Do It Yourself) installation model is also a great feature. Wired home security systems and hard wire complicated home security systems have proven to be very expensive, high maintenance, and harder to fix in some situations. Being able to install your home security system on your own will avoid having a stranger in your home and avoid a lot of cost. Being able to take down your system at any time can be a convenience  if you ever decide to move to another home or apartment as well. Wired home security systems can be a littler harder to deal with as well but work just as fine too when it comes to protecting your home. The way the alarm system works is just the same as the wireless self install system too.

Have you ever wondered who is calling you when your alarm goes off? All home security companies have partnerships with security monitoring facilities that are open 24 hrs and are the ones who call you any time your alarm goes off to ask if you’re ok. According to the FBI there is a burglary every 14.6 seconds in the US. It’s always important to have a working home security system.

Testing your home security system is important. At Protect America we have a service center in which you call in to test and make sure we are getting proper signals. We recommend calling at least once a month to Test. The test is free here at Protect America.

Inside the home security industry we are constantly changing for the better and Protect America is constantly growing. We were named in the Top Ten Home Security Industry by subscribers.

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