Installing glass break sensors is a way to make sure that there’s a higher level of protection for any homeowner who has a security system. The security system a homeowner chooses should offer these sensors, along with window and door sensors, motion detectors, and more. With all of those things for protection, the homeowner will have a much better chance of feeling secure and having peace of mind. But these glass break sensors have to be installed correctly — and that can fall to the homeowner depending on the type of system they choose. Many companies offer DIY installations of equipment today.

There are two types of these sensors, as well. One of them goes on the glass itself, and one of them is simply located close by in the room, so it can “hear” when the glass is broken. Other types of sounds can set off these sensors, as well, so it’s important to make sure the sensors are on a sensitivity setting that works well but that also doesn’t provide a lot of false alarms. When these sensors are set and installed correctly, they’ll get the homeowner a good chance of reducing their risk of crime, and will also provide these homeowners with the comfort and security they’re looking for from the system they’ve chosen to install.

Why Are Glass Break Sensors Important for Security?

Even with door and window sensors available and in use, there are still risks to a homeowner with a security system. But these can be mitigated with the addition of glass break sensors.

These sensors are different from other types that let a homeowner know someone has opened a door or a window. Instead, these show that a window or door has been broken, and that the glass has been knocked out in order for a person to gain entry.

These aren’t perfect, and they sometimes trigger false alarms from other noises, but by having them installed it’s much easier for a homeowner to reduce the chances that a window or door will be an entry point for a criminal and will go unnoticed. Especially in large or multi-story homes, these sensors are an important part of a security system.

Installation of a Glass Break Sensor Doesn’t Have to be Difficult

The home security system is only as good as its weakest point, which is why it’s so important to install glass break sensors. There are two types, and they’re both easy to install. Some mount on a wall or a ceiling, close to the window they’re protecting. Others are small circles that mount right onto the glass, but that are also easier to see than the other types of sensors. In both cases the mounting of these sensors only takes a few minutes — then it’s just a matter of activating them and linking them up with any security system that’s in use.


Working With a Security Company Can Make a Difference

When it comes to getting glass break sensors installed the right way, some homeowners want to work with security companies. When they’re choosing a company, they should always consider one that offers:

  • ease of installation
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • fast response times
  • strong customer support
  • high end equipment

With all of that backing them, a homeowner can feel secure about the company they’re working with and about the glass break and other sensors that are getting installed in their home. Then they can have a good system they can rely on, and truly enjoy peace of mind, as well.

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