Installing a security system and particularly a surveillance camera in your home, you can either do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Each of the two options comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

Although DIY is cheaper than professional installation, getting an expert to install security cameras for you will make the process simple and eliminate room for errors. However, there’s more to DIY or professional security camera installation than just the cost and low possibility of errors.

DIY Security Camera Installation

There are a couple of things you need to remember before you can install surveillance cameras by yourself.

  • Know the Type of Security Cameras You Want


The type of security cameras you want to install will determine the installation process. Wired or wireless video security cameras?

Invest in the wired PoE IP cameras if you’re looking for more stable network connections. If you’re after easier installation and flexibility, the battery-powered Wi-Fi security cameras are your best bet.

Can’t stand the messy cabling and drilling? Go for the 100% wire-free battery security cameras. With wire-free battery cams, there are no cords or wires with which to deal. Such cameras grant you the freedom to install them anywhere, indoor or outdoor, without running wires.

  • Where to Place the Security Cameras

If you decide to settle for DIY security camera installation, then you should focus on where to place the cameras. Are the cameras indoor or outdoor? The front, back and windows are the most common entry points.

Be sure to position the cameras to ensure optimum coverage and confirm that there’s no possibility of tampering or vandalism by intruders.

  • Prepare Your Materials and Tools Ready to Install Your Security Cameras

DIY camera installation requires that you have tools such as screws, anchors, power adapter, electric drill and more. Are the security cameras ready?

Advantages of DIY Camera Installation

  • Saves money on installation
  • Design your own schedule for installation
  • Offers room for adjusting the system as you want

Disadvantages of DIY Security Camera Installation

  • Can be involving
  • Possible error if you’re not good with technology
  • The high cost of security equipment and installation tools

Professional Security Camera Installation

Unconfident about your technic skills? Then you can hire a professional security expert to install the cameras for you. The beauty of professional camera installation is that you sit back as someone else does all the work for you.

A professional installer has years of experience, and they understand where to place the security cameras for efficient surveillance. Besides, an expert will walk you through your entire home security system.

Pros of professional security camera installation

  • An expert handles all the work for you
  • Guaranteed professional expertise

Cons of professional security Camera installation

  • Steep installation fees
  • Must schedule an appointment


Protect America Do It Yourself Home Security System

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