Crime rates aren’t uniform. Some cities shy away from appearing on top 10 lists, while others seem to be unable to avoid the coverage.

We previously published a list of the top 10 small cities and large cities in the United States with the highest burglary rates. 

But for cities not mentioned, and to determine rates of other crimes in your area, we’ve compiled a list of the internet’s best resources.


Official Resources

The best place to start is the FBI’s Uniform Crime report. They provide lists that will update you on national crime trends including burglary, theft, and property crime. These lists will give you information on how rates have declined or increased.

Some of the data may be broad and only provide you a picture of where the US stands nationally, but it’s important to have a grasp on the issue’s total reach outside of your area of living.

A few of their recent lists:

The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) is an outstanding resource by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS).

The NCVS collects information on criminal victimization through data obtained in a sample of about 90,000 households, and helps BJS estimate the likelihood of crimes.

They’re touted as the largest national forum for victims to describe the impact of crime and characteristics of violent offenders.

They’re comprehensive data will give you an insight on the likelihood of victimization and statistics based on various demographics, including, gender, race, age, and others. 

Resources to Search Cities:

A quick Google search of “crime by city” will reveal many resources that allow you to search crime rates based on specific addresses, and some even provide the latest incidents. 

These will give you a clear understanding of what’s going on in your neighborhood, and where it’s happening. 


Protect America Tool

At Protect America we offer our own tool to research crime in every zip code in the country that you can use here.

Our tool gives users a general idea of where crime happens in their area and grades each zip code based on deviations from the national crime rate.


One example; Apache Junction, Arizona (zip code 86117) has an average crime grade of a “C” because the city’s overall crime rate is roughly on par with the national crime rate.

However, the city does have higher instances of auto theft and burglary while the murder rate is exceptionally low.

These varying rates for specific crimes were averaged to give Apache Junction its specific crime grade.

The crime grade tool also maps the location of sex offenders in your area. This helpful feature gives you a general idea of areas where parents and others should be especially watchful over children.

Using our tool, and a combination of others will provide aid your game plan and strategy to avoid burglary,theft, and more serious crimes.