In an effort to simplify home automation and security, Lowe’s has introduced the Iris Home Management System. Iris is a centralized hub that connects to a line of Z-wave and Wi-Fi devices in order for them to be accessible from your smart phone. With the Iris hub, you can connect contact sensors, motion detectors, smoke detectors, thermostat controls, CO monitors, and a number of other home automation and security features. It’s difficult not to be impressed with the scope of Iris’ coverage. Iris has the capability to do a lot of things, but it isn’t the best at any of those things.

Iris is not a professionally monitored system. Monitored systems save precious time dispatching help at the exact moment of intrusion. For additional costs, Iris has corresponding motion detectors, cameras, smoke detectors and door locks that can be synced with the system. However, the Iris is missing important features of a traditional security system such as professional monitoring. If your home is burglarized, the police will not be notified. Iris is a self-monitored security system. In the event of an emergency, Iris will send a notification to your smart phone. Hopefully you aren’t busy.

Costs Add Up

The Iris Home Management System retails for $179 – $299 for the initial hub package. The real cost is when you start adding in various automation/security devices. Basic operation of the system requires no monthly fee. However, in order for you to fully use the Iris system, premium monthly service costs start at $10 a month. You might opt for going fee-free, but this will severely limit the functionality of the system. Without premium service, you will not be able to record video, schedule alerts, add multiple contacts for alerts or control many of the other advanced features. For only $9.99 more, at Protect America you can have a 24/7 professionally monitored home security system with equipment provided at no cost.

The point of Iris is to integrate multiple devices to the central control hub. Each of these additional products add to the overall cost of the Iris security system. Here is a general guideline for pricing on some of the Iris compatible devices:

  • Motion detectors – $25
  • Smoke alarms – $30
  • Presence Detection $20
  • CO Detection $40
  • Leak Detection – $30
  • Plug in controller $30

Room for Improvement

Iris is not designed for larger dwellings. The range of the Iris hub often needs to be paired with an additional device; The Iris Range Extender. Also, the Iris hub’s alert volume is adjustable, but not adjustable enough. When the intrusion alarm actually goes off, it sounds a bit like an aggressive alarm clock. The alarm volume Iris provides might scare a skittish burglar away. It definitely wouldn’t be loud enough to prompt a neighbor to call the police. For over 20 years, Protect America has perfected excellence and affordability when it comes to securing your home. Choose a home security company that has been in business long enough to prove excellence in the industry.

Customers Speak Out

This recent review stated:

I spent about an hour setting up the system, then at least 5 hours combined trouble shooting via phone and internet before bringing it back. I assumed that Lowe’s would not let such a shoddy product carry their name, but I was mistaken. It is a bug filled system with a horrible website and customer support wrapped in a slick package and ad campaign.

If you’re looking for a home security system designated to secure your home, you’ve got better options. According to the FBI, burglary is the most common threat to our homes. For this reason, it is important to safeguard your home and family. At Protect America, we offer simple, customizable, and affordable home security solutions to perfectly fit your needs. Choose a home security company that you can trust. Choose Protect America!