When you work in home security, it’s common to hear people say, “I’ve already got a home security system, it’s called a dog.”

It’s a pretty universally accepted face that dogs are great and NO ONE at the Security Blanket is going to argue otherwise. In fact, a good portion of Protect America’s charitable efforts are concentrated on helping dogs, especially through the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

With this in mind, dogs should NOT be the sole means of security for a household. Don’t get us wrong, dogs can help improve the security of a home. However, they should be used as more of a warning to prevent burglars from even attempting to enter your home. A dog can’t call the police or ask for help. When a break in happens, it’s down to just the dog and the intruder.

The idea that dogs are enough for your home security is so prevalent, we felt it necessary to debunk this dangerous myth. If you have any thoughts about dogs and home security, let us know in the comments section.

It’s Unfair

Dogs are loyal, self-sacrificing, and generally easy to please. If a dog is willing to sacrifice their life to save or protect their owner, it’s a noble act. However, it’s completely unfair to leave the security of your home to your best friend. A burglar that is afraid for their lives will generally have no problem harming an animal that posses a threat.

How vicious can burglars be while committing their crimes? Here’s a story about a couple of burglars that shot a disabled veterans service dog during a break in.

It’s Unnecessarily Dangerous… For the Dog

Occasionally, people are going to need to get into your home. We’re not talking about maintenance workers or the babysitter either. From time to time, police and fire fighters will need to forcibly enter a home. Whether they’re serving a No Knock Warrant or putting out a fire, these emergency responders are allowed to harm any animal that poses a threat. And there are A LOT of stories about dogs harming firefighters or being killed by police officers.

It’s Not a Proven Deterrent

There is some evidence to suggest that dogs provide some deterrence against burglary. Unfortunately, the figures and stats are extremely limited. A higher percentage of households with dogs have been robbed than households with home security systems. In other words, a home security system is more of a proven deterrent to burglars than a dog.

To be fair, the data on dogs and home security is simply incomplete. No data is available for homes with dogs that relates to income or property value. A dog might scare a burglar away from an average home they approached randomly. If a burglar is motivated to break into a specific home (especially one that contains a lot of valuables), they’ll probably figure out a way to pacify your dog. Which brings us to our next point…

Dogs Are Animals So They’re Easy to Trick

This well-known commercial from Allstate sums up just how easy it is to trick your dog:


Think your dog is different? Well, here’s a story of a pair of burglars that simply “befriended” neighborhood animals without even offering a tantalizing treat.

There are a million ways to trick your dog since they are generally not trained to deal with home security or intruders. Some dogs may bark but this isn’t usually a sign to neighbors that a home is being robbed.

Conclusions about the Use of Dogs for Home Security

Dogs definitely have a place in home security but relying only on your pet for home security puts your home and family at risk. All homes need a comprehensive home security plan that includes locks and a home security system. A dog can supplement your home security but there is no definitive proof that dogs will help keep your home safe.