This is one of those stories that will quickly find its way into an “Only in America” email that gets sent around for the next 15 years.

A Kansas couple is being sued by the man that held them hostage. Yes, you read that correctly. Here’s the story from WFLD, a Fox affiliate in Chicago.

The basic overview goes something like this: In 2009, Jesse Dimmick was wanted on a murder charge in Colorado. While leading authorities on a high speed chase in stolen vehicle, Dimmick crased into the yard of Jared and Linda Rowley. Besides having their yard ruined, the Topeka-area couple were also taken hostage.

The Rowleys kept calm through the incident and even gained Dimmick’s trust by feeding him Cheetos and Dr. Pepper. They also watched the movie, “Patch Adams” with the 25-year old kidnapper. When Dimmick fell asleep, the couple was able to escape and authorities entered the home. As police attempted to apprehend the suspect, Dimmick was shot in the back “accidentally” by an officer’s rifle. Dimmick claims the injury has resulted in $160,000 in medical bills.

The kidnapper is currently awaiting murder charges in Colorado and has been sentenced in Kansas for the Rowley kidnapping. Eventually, the Rowley’s decided to seek $75,000 in a civil action against Dimmick for home invasion and emotional distress. And this is where things get interesting…

The lawsuit prompted Dimmick to file a countersuit for breach of contract claiming he had an oral agreement with the Rowleys to “hide him for an unspecified amount of money”. A judge is currently considering the merits of the lawsuit. Dimmick is seeking $235,000.

In May 2010, Dimmick was convicted of 4 felonies, including kidnapping, and sentenced to 10 years and 11 months. He is currently awaiting trial in Colorado for 8 charges, one of which is murder. Dimmick has yet to enter a plea for these charges.

The Rowleys attorney, Robert E. Keeshan, expects the suit to be dismissed because the oral contract was created under duress.