One of the most frustrating feelings is having your belongings stolen while vacationing or travelling far from home. Money, cell phones, and passports can cause serious distress when stolen. It can ruin your plans as well as your passage home. By taking the extra diligence in checking and double checking that all of your valuables and important belongings are safe pays off and is worth simply not having to deal with missing and stolen items.

Tips for Keeping Track of Belongings While Traveling:

  • Keep your most important items on you at all times. This includes your passport, wallet, and camera memory cards. Holding them on your person ensures that you are more likely to notice if someone tries to get their hands on them. It also makes it easier for you to check on them periodically.
  • Stay alert when handing over your bags at security checkpoints or to taxi drivers. Be aware of their actions at all times and keep a sharp eye out for your things. Again, it’s best to keep your most important belongings on your person.
  • Split up cash. You’re likely bringing large amounts of currency, especially if you are going out of the country. Split them up into multiple bundles so that you aren’t opening up a bag of hundreds or thousands of dollars every time you want to buy something. Put these bundles in multiple locations. Keep one hidden in the hotel room, one in your carry on or personal bag, one hidden in your luggage, and others with the family members you’re traveling with (if possible).
  • Make copies of your important documents like passports, credit cards, tickets, and other identification. You’ll have this information just in case anything happens. It might not work as a replacement for the original, but it ensures you have all the information you need.
  • If you are sleeping on a train, in a shared room (at a hostel, for example) with strangers, or in some other public place, sleep with your most important bag of belongings wrapped in your arms or secured to an immovable fixture.
  • Lock your zippers on luggage bags.
  • Consider using a money belt or sewing a small pocket on the inside of your pants.

Making preparations before you leave and practicing safe habits upon departure and throughout the trip significantly decreases your chances of being a victim of theft or pick pocketing. It keeps you and your belongings safe while traveling. Remember to secure your home before you leave on vacation—arm your home security system, lock all of your doors and windows, and ask the post office to hold your mail until you return. For more tips on preparing your home for a vacation, read this article. If you have any questions about monitored home security, call Protect America today at 1-888-951-5136.