The Winter season doesn’t just mean cold days and blankets of snow; it means unsafe conditions for your home as well as for your family. Here are some top tips for keeping your home safe and secure this Winter.

Prevent Snow Buildup

If you live in a snow-prone area, prevent snow buildup to avoid any accidents and safety hazards. Shovel your driveway and walkways as soon as possible. If not, the snow will turn into sheets of ice and will likely cause a fall. You also want to inspect the garden beds around your home to prevent water buildup and ice dams. Lastly, inspect your roof regularly. Too much snow buildup could be detrimental. If you can’t safely check this yourself, hire a professional.

Prepare for a Power Outage

Unfortunately, power outages are somewhat common during the Winter months. Between ice build ups on power lines and excessive wind speeds causing short-circuiting, you need to be prepared in case your home is affected during one of these inevitable power outages. Here are a few plans you can set in motion now so you don’t have to worry later.

  • Ensure your plumbing lines are properly insulated and that any exposed pipes don’t freeze.
  • Keep a cooler around the house in case the power outage lasts a long period of time and you have to transfer food from your fridge and freezer.
  • Consider investing in an alternative power source, such as a gas-powered generator.
  • Keep battery-powered lights or candles in the house so you can have a source of light in a power outage.

Complete Routine Maintenance before Going out of Town

Especially if you plan to go out of town, you need to make sure you perform routine maintenance around your home. You don’t want your trip to be cut short because of a home emergency that could’ve been prevented. Here are a few things to do before you leave:

  • Keep your furnace running, even if it is at a low temperature. You don’t want your pipes to freeze while you’re away.
  • Clean your gutters. Not doing so could cause ice buildup and excessive icicles that could create fall risks for your family and people visiting your home. Gutter buildup could also harm your roofing, siding, and wood trim if not dealt with in a timely manner.
  • Check your insulation. To avoid Winter’s cold temperatures and ensure your home is toasty warm when you return from out of town, check your insulation. Signs of bad insulation include high energy bills, water leaks, and damp drywall.

Protect Your Home from Porch Pirates

As online shopping becomes the norm, porch pirates are constantly on the lookout, especially during the Winter months. Porch pirates are people who swipe packages from people’s porches, most often following delivery trucks and targeting multiple neighborhoods.

To make sure your packages won’t get stolen and your home won’t be targeted, keep the tracking number for all your upcoming deliveries and try to be home during the estimated delivery date. If you won’t be around during the time of delivery, request that the package be sent to your nearest post office. You can also change your delivery option to require a signature so your package will never be left outside of your home without your knowledge. If the package is smaller, you can even request the package be placed in your mailbox rather than on your porch.

Purchase a Home Security System

Especially with so many people going out of town in Winter months to visit family and celebrate the holidays, home break-ins are a common occurrence. Burglars see this time of year as an easy target, and you want to make sure you’re prepared. Thankfully, top-rated home security companies like Protect America offer self-installable home security systems that you can set up with ease. This way, your home can be protected in no time.

Here is what a basic home security system should include:

  • Control panel
  • Door/window sensors
  • Motion detector
  • Yard sign
  • Door/window stickers

Installing these equipment pieces and additional security accessories will ward off burglars and ensure your home and family is monitored and safe at all times.

If you’re interested in finding the most efficient method to protect your home, contact Protect America today for an obligation-free quote. A professionally monitored system, with an installation process that’s as easy as peel-and-stick, Protect America has been a nation-wide industry leader for over 25 years. Let the professionals ensure your security so you can ensure peace of mind.