If you ever find yourself running late for work because you’re searching for your keys, you’re not alone.

According to a 2014 report conducted by IKEA, people spend 6 minutes a day looking for their keys, on average. In such a technologically induced world, keys will likely soon be a thing of the past, like VHS tapes and rolling up a car window. A simple solution to this key dilemma are keyless access locks controlled by our smart phones. Thankfully, that option already exists, and it’s probably time we all caught up.

Listed below are four safe options for keyless locks: the August Smart Lock, Yale Z-Wave Touchscreen Lever Lock, Kwikset Premis Homekit Smart Lock, and the GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Opener. All four options provide customers with a convenient key-free lifestyle and seamless integration with the Protect America SMART app.

NEW! August Smart Lock

Conveniently fitting over most deadbolt door locks, the August Smart Lock gives the impression of a traditional lock with the technological advancements of the future. Using the Protect America SMART app or the proprietary August app, the Smart Lock can be unlocked simply from a smartphone. August also integrated DoorSense, a sensor that indicates to the user whether the door is open or closed. The Smart Lock is even able to pair with Amazon Alexa to allow voice commands.

Yale Z-Wave Touchscreen Lever Lock

Similar to a key, smartphone admittance to a lock limits access to only those with the app. Yale managed to resolve this problem with their Touchscreen Lever Lock. Like the August Smart Lock, Yale’s Lever Lock allows a smartphone to open the locked door from anywhere using a Z-Wave automation app. With addition to access through the app, Yale added a keypad for entrance, and allows each member of the house to have their own personal code.

Kwikset Premis Homekit Smart Lock

When it comes to keyless locks, convenience is key. Kwikset mastered this with their Premis Smart Lock, allowing three different options for easy, yet safe, access. Using an integrated app, users are able to lock and unlock their door from anywhere with a simple touch. Similar to Yale’s lock, the Premis also offers a digital pad for access codes that eliminates the possibility of fingerprints and code detection on its surface. Lastly, this lock has the ability to connect with Siri and Amazon Echo devices which allow voice commands to gain entry.

GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Opener

One of the easiest targets for thieves is an opened garage door. Valuable property such as bikes and tools are liable to go missing due to forgetting to close the garage when pulling out of the driveway. It’s a costly mistake that is far too common. Fortunately, the GoControl Z-Wave Garage Door Opener is the solution. With the ability to close the garage door remotely, users will immediately get their money’s worth.

With the accessibility and affordability of electronic locks, losing your key is no longer an excuse. For any of the locks mentioned above, call Protect America to find out more. Help make your home more secure and life a little easier with a keyless lock.